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Each issue we offer reviews of books, tapes and videos by leaders in the ever expanding field of consciousness in business and the workplace.

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Transforming Practices:
Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life

by Steven Keeva

256 pages

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Transforming Practices offers a new perspective on why so many of America’s nearly one million lawyers have become disillusioned with their careers. By examining the practices of lawyers who have introduced a spiritual approach to their work and have, in turn, discovered renewed meaning in their professions, Transforming Practices makes it clear that the opportunity for transformation exists for every lawyer.

Author Steven Keeva skillfully examines how lawyers can find deeper meaning in their work, practice more compassionately, and enjoy their jobs more, all by developing a greater awareness of and respect for their inner lives. Filled with inspiring profiles of lawyers who have changed the way they do their jobs, Transforming Practices reveals how working from the heart leads to a more gratifying professional life and successful lawyering.

“Steven Keeva’s book is a godsend. It should not only be read, but cherished. The transformative power of his ideas comes like a long overdue rain to the parched and thirsty desert of our profession’s soul.”
-Jan Richard Schlichtmann, plantiffs attorney depicted in Jonathan Harr’s A Civil Action

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