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Each issue we offer reviews of books, tapes and videos by leaders in the ever expanding field of consciousness in business and the workplace.

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A Good Day's Work: Sustaining Ethical Behavior and Business Success
How to Pursue Profit with Principle

by Alice Darnell Lattal, Ph.D. and Ralph W. Clark, Ph.D.

McGraw Hill
ISBN: 0-07-1482652

A Good Day's Work
Sustaining Ethical Behavior and Business Success

How to Pursue Profit with Priciple

A Good Day's Work is not about the obvious cases of greed and amoral business leaders, but rather why unethical actions happen to leaders and companies that would never intend to do the wrong thing - companies that have strong leadership and spend significant dollars to promote and institutionalize ethics.

Alice Lattal and Ralph Clark, two thought leaders at Aubrey Daniels International, contend that behavior alone is what drives and sustains ethical choices and actions; not the structures companies try to create. A Good Day's Work offers what leaders can do - other than posting creeds and codes of conduct - that actually produces ethical behavior at work; and teaches professionals how to become ethical by providing tips on managing change and creating effective habits.

Lattal and Clark combine their expertise in moral philosophy, business management, and behavioral psychology to present actionable tools and strategies for improving the ethical climate in the workplace. Everyone from the mailroom to the boardroom will learn to:

  • Weigh the choices you make and the potential consequences to you and others, as well as to your organization.
  • Banish fear from the workplace, use goals wisely, and improve the workplace environment.
  • Proactively prevent ethical breaches that emanate from well-meaning missteps
  • Tap into the power of positive reinforcement.

The authors also describe ways that motivational strategies can encourage more candid talk about ethical actions, as well as initiative, cooperation, and innovation. They also address the all-important balancing act of making ethical sales and achieving financial success - and what price is too high to pay.

A Good Day's Work provides not only the philosophical foundation for ethical decision-making, but also outlines the specific steps for ensuring that individuals and organizations pursue profit with principle. As an on-the-job guide, the books, three parts - Defining Ethics, Ethical Conditions at Work, and Increasing Ethical Behavior - include the information that every working person needs to make ethics an actionable entity and reciprocal trust a renewed element of today's business.


Alice Darnell Lattal, Ph.D. is president and CEO of Abrey Daniels International, an international management consulting firm. She is an adjunct professor of psychology at West Virginia University and is on the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Center of Behavioral Studies. Dr. Lattal is the co-author, along with Dr. Clark, of Workplace Ethics: Winning the Integrity Revolution.

Richard W. Clark, Ph.D. is a philosophy professor at West Virginia University and teaches courses in business ethics, current moral problems, and ethical theory. He has published in such journals as Philosophy and The Monist and is the author of Introduction to Moral Reasoning and Introduction to Philosophical Thinking.

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