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Date: Tue 02/17/09 3:08PM
From: Shelf Corporation

Message: If you need an aged shelf corporation with credit or are looking for an established company with an existing Paydex score we can help you.

Bob Doyle
Shelf Companies Inc

Date: Sat 01/24/09 9:16AM
From: Deborah Rhodes

Message: I would like to recommend the following book to the members of your organization and visitors to your website:

Injera, Book 1: The Gift
Deborah L. Rhodes

“Their sentiale connection was powerful and hungry, pulling him on and through this strange new land. He could close his eyes and she would come to him, bringing him his own tenderness. At times he would chastise himself for needing her-- for needing only this one woman who could share her spirit through the ether of time but never, it seemed, in the physical reality of one day.”

Dreams and enlightened states of awareness inspire a secluded island of people to fulfill their injera (life’s purpose), as two solitary dreamers, Taijaur and Shona, form a connection across the distance of their mysterious Ocan island. They are led to one another by the sentiale pathways that flow through all living beings and through these pathways they discover a source of power that is greater than any other on Earth. Together, Taijaur and Shona must seek this primary source of healing energy, in order to stop predatory forces from gaining dominance in the world. While Taijaur stands guard, Shona must overcome her fears, as she risks her life and her sanity by entering an opening between worlds, in search of an ancient source of power that will ultimately transform all humanity.



ISBN-13 978-1439206652

$23.99 Trade Paperback

Date: Mon 01/12/09 9:40AM
From: Vesta
Email: Ferret

Message: How are you. When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.
I am from Japan and now study English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Any damage and or modification done on your system will be under your whole responsibility."

With respect :-(, Vesta.

Date: Mon 01/5/09 4:16PM
From: Angela

Message: Finally a person who understands what is like to walk in the shoes of a survivor from the strike of GOD. I too have been on that journey and there is no going back. It has been eight years. To me lightening is Heaven and Earth as one. I channel the energy through spiritual paintings. These paintings are essentially a person; their DNA and essence. I channel and download a persons body, spirt and soul; the persons trauma (the grey areas) one has experienced in this lifetime gets turned into light and white areas. The person is given a clean slate and gets connected to their higher self and with the guides who they are meant to work with. I have witnessed lives change to the righteous path. What a blessing. Spreading the Light one painting at a time. I am in the midst of getting on-line. Our Web-site will be operational SOON and our company name is NEST Feng Shui. My partner and I decided that this was the best way to spread the Light on a Global level, because in the time we are at, this earth plane needs more LIght.

I totally understand how much a person's life changes once struck by lightening.

Date: Wed 09/17/08 12:54AM
From: Martinos
Email: None

Message: Hi, nice site! Your hard work paid off
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Date: Sun 09/14/08 11:23AM
From: keijo

Message: And the Lord will select you and me that go an and TEACH AND WIN THE SINNERS HEART TO HIM AND be vessel for power of God and his love and exsept for Jesus,for he will come and not linger,thanks and bless and hope and love,pray,keijo sweden

Date: Thu 07/24/08 7:49PM
From: Daniel Conners

Message: This is a very nicely designed website, nice job.

Good content and fine layouts, too.

If you have a newsletter I would also like to sign up,

thanks again,

Daniel, Filmbay Editor

Date: Tue 07/22/08 4:46PM
From: Ben Conners

Message: This is a very nicely designed website, nice job.

If you have a newsletter I would also like to sign up,

thanks again,

Ben, Filmbay Editor

Date: Fri 07/11/08 2:31AM
From: audrey

Message: I was so honored to have met Dr. Yuen in Philippines. The day he treated me, i felt completely BLESSED. NO doubt i'm more high in spirit now :)). God bless you Dr. Yuen. May you continue to help people. More Power!

Date: Tue 05/13/08 8:00PM
From: Angelina Harradine

Message: just brilliant please add me to your mailing list I indigenous woman from Australia and the co-ordinator of the Aboriginal Healing centre hear in Adelaide SA we would like to come over and attend one of the future conferences. Thankyou

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