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Anti-Gravity Handbook


David Childress

Anti-Gravity Handbook




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The book that blew minds and had engineers using their calculators is back in print in a new expanded compilation of material on antigravity, Free Energy, Flying Saucer propulsion, UFOs, Suppressed Technology, NASA Coverups and more.

Highly illustrated with patents, technical illustrations, photos and more, this revised and expanded editions has more material, including photos of Area 51, Nevada, the governments’ secret testing facility, Australian Secret Facilities, plus a rare reprint of “Space, Gravity & the Flying Saucer” by Leonard D. Cramp. This classic on weird science is back in a 90s format!

• How to build a flying saucer
• Read about Arthur C. Clark on antigravity
• Learn about crystals and their role in levitation
• Secret government research and development
• Nikola Tesla on how antigravity airships could draw power from the atmosphere
• Bruce Cathies’ antigravity Equation
• NASA, the Moon and antigravity
• Plus more

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Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, IL.

United States

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