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Anti-Gravity and the World Grid


David Childress

Anti-Gravity and the World Grid




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Discover the secrets of the world grid of power spots and vortex areas. Inside you will find:

* Geography, mathematics and light harmonics of the Earth grid.
* Purpose of ley lines and ancient megalithic power points sited on the grid.
* Scientific grid explanations for noted world-wide gravitational-magnetic anomalies.
* Secrets of the Philadelphia Experiment, Coral Castle, time travel and other mysteries.
* Nikola Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Albert Einstein, Bruce Cathie and others on the planetary grid.
* Acoustic levitation of stones, diamagnetic gravity vortices and the frequency of gravity.
* International harmony based upon a music of a planetary grid system.
* Gravity control and how ufos use the grid.
* Secret government anti-gravity experiments and suppressed technology.
* Tesla shields, Star Wars and Scalar wave weapons.
* More anti-gravity patents, ufo propulsion diagrams, comics and more!
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Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, IL.

United States

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