Joyce and Barry Vissell at The International Conference on Sacred Sexuality.

"Feel the full intensity of delicious passion in our hearts and bodies well up with the fullness of compassionate love."

They speak authentically and vulnerably about their own sacred sexual relationship. They will share the most important lessons they have learned, both personally and professionally, about sex, relationship and spiritual growth. Most importantly, it's less about what they say and more about who they are. They are two people deeply in love for 40 years who walk their talk. To watch them interact with each other, teaching together with deep respect of what the other has to say, adoring one another, is to directly experience a model of sacred relationship and sexuality.

Other presenters include Margot Anand, Peter Levine, Jenny Wade, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Richard Moss, Saniel Bonder, Alberto Villoldo, Sandra Ingerman and many, many more.

Come and celebrate yourself with morning yoga and chanting, special evening events with drumming and dancing and more. Recharge your spirit, open your mind and embrace the mystery of life!

By enrolling in this event, you can also attend The International Conference on Enlightenment and the International Conference on Shamanism at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

"Thank you for a wonderful experience and a delightfully profound collaboration! The experience was magnificent, and the participants and presenters and hosts were equally so! Thank you again for a very special experience." - Merilyn Tunneshende author, Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy

CEUs are available through the National Board for Certified Counselors - approved for 22 CEUs.

AND-Early registration discounts are currently available.

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"The sexual connection between two persons can be a profound spiritual experience, a union of two bodies, two hearts, two minds, two souls. Through prayer, eye contact, communication, honoring and respect, the sexual experience joins our hearts together in ecstatic oneness and brings us into contact with the source of our being." - Barry and Joyce Vissell