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Jenny Wade, PhD

Jenny is an international lecturer and presenter on transformative processes, both those that occur in normal as well as altered states of consciousness. Author of two books based on her research, Changes of Mind: A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness and Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil, who makes development processes accessible to any audience in fascinating and moving ways. Dr. Wade serves on the core faculty of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology where she conducts and oversees research in human development. She also works as an organization development consultant to apply that knowledge to create corporate capacities and cultures that allow talent and innovation to flourish.


Sunday, January 22
Falling through the Looking Glass: How to Work with the Light and Dark Spiritual Connections of Lovemaking
— Jenny Wade —
New Mexico 3:30pm to 5:30 pm
Few people expect to encounter the Divine while making love, but it actually happens all the time. Probably one in every eight people will have a profound “spiritual experience” during sex at least once during their lives—ordinary people who are not prepared for it or trained in mystical or erotic esoteric arts. Like any spiritual opening, these experiences pack a wallop, convincing people they have found their soul mate, discovered true love, or found a truth that rocks and destroys the world as they knew it. Dr. Jenny Wade, author and researcher of Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil, discusses how sex can trigger powerful openings that can be painful or ecstatic. Confusion about what is “spiritual” often obscures the real meaning of such events and their true ability to heal and transform.

Goal: To familiarize people with the altered-state phenomena that can be triggered by sex, the often mistaken meanings people attach to them, and how extracting their real contribution to personal growth.

Learning objectives:
• Discover the kinds of altered states that are triggered by lovemaking and the common but usually mistaken meanings people attach to them,
• Learn ways to uncover the roots of their susceptibility to those states and what they may really represent, and
• Determine how to distill that knowledge to enhance their relationships and transform themselves to secure the real spiritual gift.