Scott Goode, PhD

Scott has been a cutting-edge investigator at Harvard Medical School where he discovered key molecular pathways that are conserved between invertebrates and man that play crucial roles in both development and cancer. He is presently a Professor of Pathology, Molecular and Human Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Developmental Biology at the Baylor College of Medicine.Scott’s lab investigates molecular mechanisms of cell migration and tumor invasion with the goal of creating novel diagnostics and therapeutics that inhibit cancer metastasis.He is also a leading researcher and teacher in the fields of science and consciousness and complimentary medicine and is interested in the interface between quantum physics and the new genome science for healing, transformation, and expanding human consciousness. Scott is founder of the company, Universal Self, whose mission is to use art to bridge science and spirit for healing, transformation and empowerment.

Saturday, April 27 -- 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Conservation of Consciousness
— Scott Goode —
Southwest Ballroom

The great American psychologist William James said that consciousness is not a thing but a process. The sequencing of genomes of animals ranging from fruit flies to man has revealed a remarkable conservation of the genes controlling fundamental processes of consciousness. The data suggests that the greater complexity of human consciousness cannot be explained by a larger number of genes. Dr.Goode highlights fundamental principles of molecular and cellular conservation of pathways controlling consciousness that go awry in mental disease in animals and humans. He illuminates some critical differences between animals and humans that have enabled humans to transcend some aspects of their animal consciousness and to take control of the genetic and biochemical networks that determine our health and destiny.

Goal: To understand the remarkable genetic conservation of fundamental processes of consciousness between animals and man and how man is able to transcend aspects of his genetic programming.

Learning Objectives:

  • understand how we define genetic and molecular conservation between animals and man
  • discover fundamental processes of consciousness that are conserved between animals and man, and
  • explore how man differs from animals such that he can transcend aspects of his animal inheritence

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