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Ralph Abraham, PhD

Ralph is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, and previously taught at Berkeley, Columbia and Princeton. He is the author of over 20 books including Chaos Gaia Eros, The Web Empowerment Book, Chaos in Discrete Dynamical Systems, The Evolutionary Mind, and The Chaos Avant-garde.
He has been active on the research frontier of dynamics — in mathematics and has been a consultant on chaos theory and its applications in numerous fields (medical physiology, ecology, mathematical economics, psychotherapy, etc.) and is an editor for the technical journals World Futures and the International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos.
He founded the Visual Math Institute with its popular World Wide Web site and has performed works of visual and aural mathematics and music.

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Don Beck, PhD

Don is a member of the American Psychological Association, the International Paleopsychology Project, and Ken Wilber's Integral Institute. He is the coauthor of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change and The Crucible: Forging South Africa's Future. He specializes in the practical application of knowledge about human consciousness in dealing with have/have not gaps, delicate racial divides, new models of community development and geopolitical transformations, and educational innovations.
He is presently working on a project to map the planetary migration of biological DNA genetic scripts and cultural meme codes over the seventeen natural habitats.

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Gregg Braden

Long known for exploring the role of spirituality in technology, Gregg is a former Senior Computer Systems Designer (Martin Marietta Aerospace), Computer geologist (Phillips Petroleum) and Technical Operations Supervisor (Cisco Systems). He is now considered a leading authority on bridging the wisdom of our past with the science, medicine and peace of our future.
His journeys into the remote mountain villages, monasteries, and temples of times past, coupled with his background in the hard sciences, uniquely qualify him to bring the benefit of long-lost traditions to the forefront of our lives today.
From his groundbreaking book, Awakening to Zero Point, to his pioneering work in Walking Between the Worlds and the controversy of The Isaiah Effect, Gregg ventures beyond the traditional boundaries of science and spirituality, offering meaningful solutions to the challenges of our time. Gregg’s remarkable synthesis of science and spirituality is a tribute to the enduring qualities of our souls, while empowering us with a timely message of hope and possibility.

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George Breed, PhD

George is a licensed psychologist in the office of Employee Assistance and Wellness at Northern Arizona University. He is an experienced meditator in both his martial arts practice and through his three to five day sessions with Jon Kabat-Zinn. George leads a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program for employees of the university.

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Carmen Brocklehurst

Carmen is a certified T’ai Chi Chih Instructor and has over 30 years of teaching experience. She has lectured on and presented T’ai Chi Chih workshops for several major corporations and organizationsm, and organized T’ai Chi Chih teacher accreditation courses. Carmen is the host of the 13-part PBS television series, T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement, which has been showing nationwide since 1994.

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Angela Browne-Miller, PhD, DSW

Angela brings to her interdisciplinary and inter-dimensional work three decades of experience in education, business, religion, psychology, and social work. She has served as a National Institute of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Fellow, a Presidential Management Intern, and in numerous other designate positions; is author of over a dozen books, including How To Die And Survive; and has shared her work via media including Oprah, Talk of the Nation, Art Bell and more.

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Don Campbell

Don is considered by many to be the world’s foremost expert on the transformational powers of music. For the past thirty years, he has researched and documented the role and uses of music in therapeutic settings, psychology and imagery applications, educational programs and both contemporary and indigenous spiritual traditions.
Don is the author of nine books, including The Mozart Effect, Introduction to the Musical Brain and The Mozart Effect for Children. He has created numerous spoken and music recordings, and is a much in demand lecturer, teacher, and workshop leader internationally.

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Tony Cocilovo

Tony is an educator and inventor. His "Photon Stimulator" is used throughout the world to effect beneficial changes in the Autonomic Nervous System and the Meridian System. As an Iridologist (European School), and member of the research committee of the International Iridology Practitioners Association, he has come to understand the genetic and biological difficulties that many of us have in attaining inner freedom, or parasympathetic states. He has developed new models which describe the development of meridians, and why some lights and color frequencies can be powerful therapeutic tools in loosening the Sympathetic Nervous System's grip of fear. He is currently writing articles, giving workshops and developing inner technologies to address the overwhelming need to be free of our emotional/biological blockages in as fast a way as possible. The ability of our bodies to embody "spirit" or become spiritual is dependent on existing in parasympathetic states, and having unblocked meridian pathways.

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Matthew Cross

Matthew is President of Leadership Alliance, an international organization which provides breakthrough strategies for growth and transformation. An acclaimed leadership and integrative sciences visionary, Matthew created the Hoshin-LifeMAP and HoshinMAP processes, powerful systems for personal and business navigation. A noted Deming quality scholar, Matthew works with individuals and organizations to accelerate their transformation to higher levels of quality, success and fulfillment. He has been researching the Golden Mean and its application for over 25 years

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David Cumes, MD

David was born in South Africa where he received his medical training. He previously taught at Stanford Medical Center and currently has a private practice in California. In contrast to his classical training in a profession which relies so heavily on science and analytical reasoning, David has pursued a personal quest which evokes his intuitive and introspective capabilities. Growing up with access to game reserves, sweeping plateaus, rugged coasts, mountains and inland deserts, he always enjoyed the beauty and power of Nature. It was after spending time with the San (Bushmen) in the Kalahari desert, however, that he realized how profound a role wilderness can play in transpersonal growth. Since his original contact with the San, he has traveled extensively and studied a variety of philosophies. He has developed his own approach to tapping the healing effect of the wilderness, an experience he refers to as "wilderness rapture."
David has shared his insight and experience through a company he founded called Inward Bound which leads groups on healing journeys to remote wilderness areas. As a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School of North America he has formal training as a wilderness guide which is essential for the "outward bound" aspects of the "inward bound" treks he leads. In addition his medical background is a valuable asset to this venture.
He is the author of two books, Inner Passages, Outer Journeys and The Spirit of Healing. The former complements the experiential component of these journeys and describes the theoretical basis for the transformative powers of Nature. In it he describes how anyone can experience "wilderness rapture."

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Katie Darling

Katie is the author of The Motherwave Conspiracy: A Manual for Radical Optimism and founder of the Motherwave Institute, in Mill Valley California, which has initiated more than 1000 people into the direct, embodied experience of "all systems flow" and radical optimism.  Her parents are British physicists who were drafted to work on the bomb in WWII, and then became anti-nuclear activists. This early doom imprint led her on a lifelong search for hope and healing, through 12 years of monastic spiritual practices, followed by 15 years (recovering from too much meditation), as an acclaimed body mind therapist. In 1994 she experienced a breakthrough in which she dissolved into a conscious, loving ocean of palpable waves which introduced itself as "the motherwave."  She soon realized that chaos theory precisely mirrors and describes her new awakening, and has since been teaching Motherwavework trainings, blending science and embodied consciousness, all over the USA.

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John DeLuca, PhD

John is a licensed psychologist, Assistant Professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He is also a faculty member and graduate of Elizabeth Stratton's Touching Spirit Training Programs and student of Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche, Jewel Heart Tibetan Buddhist Center, Ann Arbor.
He is Director of both Mind Stuff, providing neurofeedback and performance enhancement training and Fearless Heart offering self-healing workshops. As Director of the Neuropsychology Lab at University Psychiatric Center (Wayne State University School of Medicine), his project "Neurofeedback Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children" was funded by the Mental Illness Research Association. John has degrees in General/Experimental Psychology and Asian Studies with emphasis on Indo-Tibetan Buddhism as well as a PhD in clinical/neuropsychology. His interests include Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Jungian analysis, neurofeedback and alternative healing techniques.

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John Demartini, DC

John’s experience and study encompass the fields of science, philosophy, and healing. He breathes new life into his audiences with enlightening perspectives, humorous observations of human nature, and practical action steps. His personal and professional development programs are packed with profound wisdom and his revolutionary understanding of the power of unconditional love is reshaping psychology as we know it. He is the author of numerous books including Count Your Blessings — The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love and The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation. John is also the founder of the Concourse of Wisdom School of Philosophy.

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Larry Dossey, MD

Larry has become an influential advocate of the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in healthcare. Bringing the experience of a practicing internist and the soul of a poet to the discourse, he offers insight into the nature and future of medicine.
An education steeped in traditional Western medicine did not prepare him for patients who were blessed with “miracle cures,” remissions that clinical medicine could not explain. Larry is the author of eight books, with a new one due out this fall, Healing Beyond the Body, numerous articles and is Executive Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most widely subscribed-to journal in its field. The primary quality of all of his work is scientific legitimacy, with an insistent focus on “what the data shows.” As a result, his colleagues in medical schools and hospitals trust him, honor his message and continually invite him to share his insights with them.
Before his book Healing Words was published, only three medical schools in the United States had courses devoted to exploring the role of religious practice and prayer in health. Currently, nearly seventy medical schools have instituted such courses, many of which utilize his works as textbooks. In Recovering the Soul, he introduced the concept of “nonlocal mind” — mind unconfined to the brain and body, mind spread infinitely throughout space and time. Since then, “nonlocal mind” has been adopted by many leading scientists as an emerging image of consciousness. Larry’s ever deepening explication of nonlocal mind provides a legitimate foundation for the merging of spirit and medicine. The ramifications of such a union are radical and call for no less than the reinvention of medicine.

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Donna Eden

Donna is a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine. For more than two decades, she has taught people worldwide how to understand the energies in the body. As Caroline Myss writes in her Foreword to Donna’s acclaimed book, Energy Medicine: “The contribution Donna Eden has made will stand as one of the backbone studies as we lay a sound foundation for the field of holistic medicine. Donna is widely recognized for her in-born ability to clairvoyantly see the body’s energies, to track down the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the states of those energies, and to devise highly effective treatments.”

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Robert Evans, JD

Since 1983 Robert has devoted his life to the development of applied spirituality and comparative metaphysics, and includes the application of this work to relationships, education, and ecopsychology.
Robert has explored in depth a number of spiritual traditions under the direct guidance of master teachers or at important teaching centers. These include metaphysics, the applied Taoism and Buddhism of macrobiotics, yoga and the Vedic tradition, the Enneagram of personality types, Gurdjieff Work and a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.
Robert presently provides personal and professional mentoring and coaching services in the Philadelphia area. He has worked in executive career consulting, a law practice, trust banking, and as a volunteer on the resident staff of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

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David Feinstein, PhD

David is a clinical psychologist and director of the nonprofit Energy Medicine Institute. He has taught at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College, and the California School of Professional Psychology. Among his published works are The Mythic Path, Rituals for Living and Dying, Energy Medicine, written with his wife Donna Eden, and the award winning Energy Psychology Interactive computer-based training program.

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Robert Freidman, MD

Robert Friedman is a medical doctor with a special interest in alternative medicine and sacred spiral geometry. His treatment protocols include intravenous vitamins, oxygen therapy and other cutting-edge immune system restoratives. Robert's ongoing research into longevity science and complimentary medicine led him to the cocreation of the Yogaia Wave Medicine Movement and Spiral-Chi Body Therapy Systems. He is also the author of a six-volume Sound Techniques for Healing audio tape series, which utilizes a unique accupressure and soundwave interface. Robert maintains an alternative medicine practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Dana Gaynor, PhD

With a PhD in transpersonal psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Dana’s specialty is psychospiritual transformation. She is founder and director of The Psychospiritual Research Institute and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Psychospiritual Transformation. Author of Reality 101 and Inspirational Stories of Spiritual Transformation, her work is respected internationally. Actively researching various aspects of spiritual transformation, she is creator of the Process Characteristics Inventory and the Interrelatedness Inventories, both assessments of psychospiritual transformation. She is a mystic guitarist who balances academic/research pursuits by playing gigs with many great classic rock performers.

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Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan is a musician, writer, and teacher. He is an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Jonathan is the author of Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics, Shifting Frequencies and The Lost Chord. He has studied with masters of sound from both the scientific and spiritual traditions, including the Dalai Lama’s Chanting Gyuto and Gyume Monks and has been empowered by the Chant Master of the Drepung Loseling Monastery to teach Tibetan Overtone Chanting.
Jonathan is the director of the Sound Healers Association; a nonprofit organization dedicated to education and awareness of sound and music for healing. He is also president of Spirit Music, which produces music for meditation, relaxation and self-transformation. Jonathan has created numerous cutting edge recordings including: “Dolphin Dreams,”“Sacred Gateways: Drumming and Chanting,” “Trance Tara” and “Medicine Buddha.” His overtone chanting is heard on Kitaro’s 2001 Grammy Award winning album. His latest recordings are “Ultimate Om” and “Holy Harmony.”

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Peter Gorman

Peter was one of the first outsiders to have extended contact with the Matses Indians of the Rio Jivari in Peru and has brought back several botanical and herpetological specimens for study in the West from their medicinal body of knowledge. He has also collected artifacts from the Matses for the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
He is the recipient of a grant from Conservation International (which Mark Plotkin headed at the time) to study the traditional healers at several indigenous villages on the Rio Napo in Peru. His work in the jungles of South America has been covered in both Newsweek and Science Magazine. Peter has also been a consultant for episodes of National Geographic's Explorer and the BBC's The Natural World. He currently lives in Texas on a small ranch and when not there can be found investigating Drug War stories in Peru, or running The Cold Beer Blues Bar in Iquitos, in the center of the Amazon, which he owns with his wife Gilma.

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Amit Goswami, PhD

Amit has been a professor of physics at the University of Oregon for thirty four years. He is the author of six books including the successful textbook, Quantum Mechanics. Amit is a pioneer of science within consciousness — science based on the primacy of consciousness — which is developed in his books The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World and Science and Spirituality. He has also authored Quantum Creativity and A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment, The Visionary Window and Physics of the Soul, and the upcoming Integral Medicine. Amit gives workshops in the United States, Brazil, Sweden and India on the subjects of quantum creativity, quantum healing, physics of the soul and science and spirituality.

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Uma Goswami, MD

Uma Goswami obtained her training in Psychiatry in Bangalore, India, where she practiced child psychiatry for twelve years. Currently, she is visiting faculty at the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London and the Holma College of Holistic Studies in Sweden. She also gives workshops and lectures worldwide and continues her research on transformation of emotions. Uma is also an accomplished Classical Indian dancer specializing in Bharatnatyam.

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Stanislav Grof, MD

Stan is a psychiatrist with more than forty years of experience in research of non ordinary states of consciousness. He is one of the founders and chief theoreticians of transpersonal psychology and the founding president of the International Transpersonal Association. Currently, he teaches psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Pacifica Graduate School, conducts professional training programs in holotropic breathwork and transpersonal psychology, and gives lectures and seminars worldwide.
He has authored Realms of the Human Unconscious; The Human Encounter with Death (with Joan Halifax); LSD Psychotherapy; Beyond the Brain; The Adventure of Self-Discovery; Beyond Death; The Stormy Search for the Self (the last two with Christina Grof); The Holotropic Mind; Books of the Dead: The Manuals for Dying and Living; The Cosmic Game: Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness; The Transpersonal Vision; The Consciousness Revolution (with E. Laszlo and P. Russell), Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research.

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John Hagelin, PhD

John was the Natural Law Party candidate for President of the United States in the 2000 election. He is currently Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy; Director of the doctoral program in physics at Maharishi University of Management; and founder and Director of Research at Enlightened Audio Designs Corporation.
As a quantum physicist, John has conducted pioneering research at the European Center for Particle Physics and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and is responsible for the development of a successful grand unified field theory based on the superstring. His articles on electroweak unification, grand unification, supersymmetry and cosmology include some of the most cited references in the physical sciences.
John has spent much of the past 25 years leading scientific investigation into the foundations of human consciousness. In his book, Manual for a Perfect Government, John shows how, through educational programs that develop human consciousness, and through policies and programs that effectively harness the laws of nature, it is possible to solve acute social problems and enhance governmental effectiveness.
John has traveled to 35 countries during the past several years, speaking to government and business leaders, the scientific community, and the public on the subjects of science, technology, public policy, and higher states of consciousness.

Click here for "What is Enlightenment?" magazine article about John Hagelin

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Michio Kaku, PhD

Michio Kaku is an internationally recognized authority in theoretical physics and the environment. His goal is to help complete Einstein's dream of a "theory of everything," a single equation, perhaps no more than one inch long, which will unify all the fundamental forces in the universe. He has lectured around the world and his PhD level textbooks are required reading at many of the top physics laboratories. He has written nine books; the last two, Hyperspace and Visions, became international best-sellers. He hosts a weekly hour-long radio program on science.
Michio has published dozens of articles in physics journals about superstring theory, supergravity, supersymmetry, and hadronic physics. He is the cofounder of string field theory. He also wrote the first paper on conformal supergravity and the breakdown of supersymmetry at high temperatures.

Click here for "What is Enlightenment?" magazine article about Michio Kaku

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Daniel Kinderlehrer, MD

Daniel is a nationally recognized holistic physician with expertise in the fields of nutrition, allergy, environmental medicine and the healing of mind-body-spirit as a unified whole. He was the cofounder of the New England Center for Holistic Medicine in Massachusetts before moving to Santa Fe. In addition to certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Daniel graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a school of Kabbalistic healing. He has taught extensively, including practitioner and lay courses at the Omega Institute and the National Institute of Behavioral Medicine. He co-authored the Antioxidant Save-Your-Life Cookbook, and authored the forthcoming book Unraveling the Mysteries of Lyme Disease: Can a Hidden Infection be the Cause of Your Chronic Illness?

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Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician

Vasant is the founding director of The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a native of India, he previously served as the medical director of the Ayurvedic Hospital in Pune India, and professor of Clinical Medicine at Pune University College of Ayurvedic Medicine. His academic and practical training includes allopathic medicine (western medicine) and surgery. He has been instrumental in introducing Ayurvedic Medicine to the United States and is the author of Ayurveda: The Science of Self -Healing; The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine; Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing; Secrets of the Pulse: The Ancient Art of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis; The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies, and The Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles.

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Teri Mahaney, PhD

Teri is an expert in identifying and changing the nonconscious patterns that control individual and organizational behavior. She discovered the SuperSleep program in 1985 when she fell asleep listening to a Suggestopedia tape she had made to improve her goal setting and time management, and it worked right anyway. She spent 15 years working with the theta brainwave state and its transformational possibilities.
A former Associate Professor of Business and management trainer, Teri approaches brain change with a bottom line perspective — measurable personal transformation.
She authored the how to book, SuperSleep, and has created dozens of SuperSleep tapes in the areas of empowerment, spirituality, healing relationships, money, and success. Her revolutionary “theta scripts” contain statements such as: I dissolve my field of experience and transform my vibrational patterns around archetypes and nonlocal memories.

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Suzanne Maxwell

Suzanne is President and CEO of Maxwell & Associates, a national and international consulting and training firm. Underlying the firm’s mission is the passionate belief that we must constantly challenge and commit ourselves to ongoing learning in order to sustain our businesses and our lives. She often quotes the definition of insanity: “Doing what we’ve always done and expecting different results,” as a reminder to herself and to us all to take that challenge.
She is also a principal in Processworks, a consulting and facilitation group which has produced Women At the Edge: The Practice of Leadership in four countries, and serves as adjunct faculty to the Center for Creative Leadership.
Her work focuses on tools that go beyond the classics of strategic planning and team building and reach into the realm of harnessing the chaotic power of these changing times, for the sustainablility and betterment of our organizations and businesses, our communities, our lives. Suzanne has worked for 20 years in Fortune 50 businesses, as well as public and private organizations of all sizes. Open Space Technology is one of the tools that Suzanne uses as a nonhierarchial means for unleashing organizational or community-wide creativity and change.

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Ralph Metzner, PhD
Ralph has been exploring states of consciousness and transformational practices for over thirty years. He is a psychotherapist and a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where he teaches courses on altered states of consciousness and ecopsychology. He is the author of over 75 journal articles and several books, including The Psychedelic Experience  (with Leary and Alpert),  Maps of Consciousness,  The Well of Remembrance,  and The Unfolding Self .  He is  cofounder and president of the Green Earth Foundation, an educational organization devoted to the healing and harmonizing of the relations between humanity and the Earth. His two most recent books are Green Psychology — Transforming Our Relationship to the Earth and an edited volume Ayahuasca — Human Consciousness and the Spirits of Nature.
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Joe Miguez

Joe Miguez, nationally known as the “labyrinth man,” has designed sacred space and conducted workshops across the United States. He has built a consulting practice based on stimulating creativity in individuals and groups to achieve organizational innovation. Artist, labyrinth builder, facilitator, teacher, change agent and author, Joe has worked with clients from major corporations, media, college, religious retreat centers and elementary schools. His professional commitment focuses on heightened awareness of one’s self

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Amy Mindell, PhD

Amy is in private therapeutic practice in Portland, Oregon and teaches in over thirty countries in the world. She helped developed process oriented psychology in the areas of ethics, coma, dance and music. She holds PhD in psychology and is a diplomate of the Process Oriented Psychology Center of Zurich. She wrote Metaskills, The Spiritual Art of Therapy, Riding the Horse Backwards with Arny, Coma, a Healing Journey, and An Alternative to Therapy as well as many papers in professional journals. Her studies of the feeling skills in therapy, or “metaskills,” are at the core of much of her work. She is presently doing research on creativity, and making puppets. Members of scientific and aboriginal communities have applauded her trans-disciplinary work.

Arnold Mindell, PhD

Arny is in private practice in Portland, Oregon, and teaches with Amy in all over the world. He is best known for his development of the “dreambody” and “process work” (process oriented psychology). He is the author of Dreambody, The Shaman's Body, Quantum Mind, and The Dreammaker’s Apprentice, Using Heightened States of Consciousness to Intepret Dreams. Arny has an MS in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics from MIT, was a Jungian training analyst, and has a PhD in psychology. He is known in the area of conflict resolution for his book Sitting in the Fire and has written 15 books (in 19 different languages). Arny is also known for his integration of psychology and physics, interventions in nanoscience, work on dreams, bodywork, relationship and conflict resolution, and for interventions in near death situations.

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Story Musgrave, MD

Story paved his way into NASA history as one of its most colorful, passionate and dedicated astronauts. He joined NASA in 1967, served two satellite-launching missions and led the spacewalking team that repaired the Hubble Space Telescope in 1993. He was also the first astronaut to fly a record-breaking six space shuttle missions. He made many “behind the scenes” contributions, helping to design the Skylab program in the mid-1970s and the spacesuits and equipment needed by astronauts on spacewalks. Story holds six degrees — a doctorate of medicine, two bachelor’s degrees and three master’s degrees in subjects ranging from mathematics to business administration to literature. He has published 44 scientific papers on topics such as aerospace medicine, exercise physiology and clinical surgery. Currently, Story works at Walt Disney Imagineering in the research and development division.

Click here for "What is Enlightenment?" magazine article about Story Musgrave

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Onye Onyemaechi, MBA

Onye is the founding Spiritual Director of the Ancient Ministry and founder of Village Rhythms. He is also a spiritual teacher, seer and healer, life coach, community builder and entertainer with a unique facility for blending education, spiritual principles, cultural diversity and the performing arts in his work. As a solo artist and a group leader, Onye performs and teaches at academic institutions, conferences and various organizations both in the United States and abroad. Onye was awarded a diploma as an Honorary Interfaith Minister, has been featured on national television in Coming Together, and the video and film documentaries, Of Sound and Healing on the Wisdom Channel, and the Search for Spirituality.

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Sharon Porter

A pioneer in the fields of Energy Medicine and Consciousness, Sharon cofounded the first large Polarity Therapy school and currently trains practitioners in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Body-Centered Psychotherapy and trauma work. Her enthusiasm for the physics and bioenergetics of consciousness is contagious. She is writing a book of case studies on energy approaches to healing trauma, with an emphasis on truncated defensive responses. Porter's certifications include Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Yoga and Self-Care, and Core Process Psychotherapy.

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Joseph Rael

Joseph (Beautiful Painted Arrow) is an internationally respected author, artist, visionary and master storyteller of the Ute and Picuris Pueblo Indian traditions. He holds a Masters Degree in Political Science and has devoted his life to the understanding of vibration and its role in the creation of conscious reality.
Prayer and ceremony have always been an important part of his life. He was taught by his father’s people to pray all the time through his every action, thereby honoring all the principle ideas and keeping a continual state of prayer in every single moment of his life.
In 1983 he had a vision that led him to establish over 45 Peace Chambers, which are specially built for chanting for world peace. He travels around the world sharing his vision for world peace through the sound chamber ceremony.

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Debbie Rosas

As pioneers in the healing movement, Debbie and Carlos Rosas created Nia Technique, an internationally acclaimed mind-body-spirit program accredited by the American Council on Exercise. Together they have produced seven video-tape workouts, one meditation tape and are the authors of Nia Non-Impact Aerobics and four teacher training manuals. Debbie lectures and conducts Nia student/teacher workshops internationally and with Carlos has trained over 500 certified teachers. She also writes on health, fitness and wellness topics and creates mind/body products

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Ashley Rowan

Ashley began yoga study in 1976 with meditation, Sivananda Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. In 1984 he began teaching, became certified in White Lotus Flow Yoga, and in 1989 studied with B.K.S. Iyengar in India.
The following year, at the invitation of the Soviet-American Dialogue, he traveled with 28 other yoga teachers (including Pir Vilayat and Guru Dev), to teach in Moscow and Leningrad.
He continues teaching at Rowan's Bodymind Holistic Center and West Seattle Yoga & Ayurveda, and loves the yin/yang approaches to yoga as he sees their unity in different body personalities and scientific principles.

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Ilana Rubenfeld, PhD

Ilana, author of The Listening Hand, has been called “the grande dame of body-oriented psychotherapy,” a healer, a stand-up comic, and a pioneer in integrating psychotherapy, intuition, bodywork and spirit. Ilana directs mind-body-emotional and spiritual energies as if conducting a symphony — and well she should. The creator of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method graduated from the Julliard School of Music and enjoyed a conducting career until a debilitating back spasm reorchestrated her life journey to become an inspirational teacher and workshop leader. Ilana trained with Fritz and Laura Perls in gestalt therapy; completed training with Moshe Feldenkreis and has been a certified Alexander technique teacher.

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Peter Russell, DCS

Peter studied mathematics and theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge (UK) supervised for a while by Stephen Hawking. As he became increasingly fascinated by the nature of consciousness, he changed to experimental psychology, gaining a first class degree in the subject. He also has a post-graduate degree in computer science and conducted some of the early research on 3-D displays and what is now known as "virtual reality."
He was one of the first people to introduce human potential seminars into the corporate field and for the last twenty years has been lecturing and consulting to major corporations on creativity, quality management and personal development. His books include The Brain Book, The Global Brain Awakens, The Creative Manager, The Consciousness Revolution, Waking Up in Time and From Science to God. He also created the award winning videos The Global Brain and The White Hole in Time.

Click here for "What is Enlightenment?" magazine article about Peter Russell

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Ann Shulgin

Ann was born in New Zealand, and grew up in Sicily, Italy, Cuba, Mexico and Canada. Alexander and Ann published their first book, PIHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved), as a way of insuring that Alexander’s ground-breaking work in the field of psychedelic drugs would not be lost or buried by censorship. Their second book was TIHKAL (Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved). They are now working on their third book. Ann loves spinach, thunderstorms and earthquakes (although not the damage they can cause). She and her husband enjoy classical music, especially Bach and the modern Russian composers.

Alexander Shulgin, PhD

Alexander studied Chemistry at Harvard University and Biochemistry and Medicine at the University of California at Berkeley. He has authored over 200 research papers published in peer reviewed scientific journals, been awarded some 20 patents, has published 20 book chapters, and written four books. Alexander has been studying the chemistry and effects of the psychedelics for over 30 years. He is probably most widely known for his book PIKHAL: A Chemical Love Story (Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved). He is also the discoverer of MMDA (not MDMA) and many other psychedelics, and was indirectly responsible for the introduction of MDMA to psychotherapy in the late ‘70s. His other books include: The Simple Plant Isoquinolines; TIHKAL: The Continuation (Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved); and The Controlled Substances Act.

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Maboud Swierkosz

Maboud is a certified dance leader and member of the Mentor Teacher’s Guild of the Dances of Universal Peace. He is a licensed psychotherapist utilizing perspectives from the schools of depth psychology, Buddhist psychology and native Middle Eastern mysticism. He facilitates meditation, chant and movement workshops focusing on the Aramaic words of Jesus.

Tara Andrea Swierkosz

Tara is a certified dance leader and member of the Mentor Teacher’s Guild of the Dances of Universal Peace. Tara has led the Dances of Universal Peace in a wide variety of organizational and community settings. She is also the founder of Healthy Habitats, a company providing consulting, education and testing for indoor environmental pollution issues.

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Greg Tamblyn

Greg Tamblyn, NCW (No Credentials Whatsoever), has been a successful speaker, singer, song writer and humorist for over 20 years. He combines outstanding audience rapport with an irreverent sense of humor, and has a special interest in the relationship of music, laughter, and lifestyle to physical and emotional well-being. Greg’s humorous musings on cultural absurdities, (“The Shootout at the I’m OK, You’re OK Corral,” “My Life Is a Beer Commercial”) as well as his messages of optimism, service, and gratitude, have garnered him a large international following over the past ten years.

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William Tiller, PhD

Bill is a Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, and Professor Emeritus, of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science. He spent 34 years in academia after 9 years as an advisory physicist with the Westinghouse Research Laboratories. In his conventional science field he has published over 250 scientific papers, three books and several patents. In parallel, for the past 30 years, he has been avocationally pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics which he thinks will become a very important part of “tomorrow’s” physics. In this new area, he has published to date, an additional 100 scientific papers and two seminal books: Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness and Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics:

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Craig Webb

Craig is cofounder and Director of the DREAMS Foundation and on the board of The Association for the Study of Dreams. He is an avant-garde physicist and has participated in pioneering dream and lucid dream research at Stanford University and Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital. He is Contributing Editor for Magical Blend magazine, has published numerous dream and consciousness related articles in various sources, consults about dreams for television, is a correspondent for “Making Contact,” has worked as CTO for a Silicon Valley corporation, and has designed world famous electronic biofeedback tools. For over a dozen years he has practiced, researched, lectured, taught courses and workshops, and led wilderness canoe-camping quests about dreams, consciousness, and related waking experiences, applications and techniques using an approach called Lucid Living. He is currently publishing his book on consciousness and applied dreaming.

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