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Confirmed Presenters:

Huston Smith

full bio

PhD, author, The Religions of Man, Forgotten Truth: The Primordial
Tradition and Beyond the Postmodern Mind

Keynote: The Way Things Are

Workshop: The Way Things Are and More: A Conversation with
Huston Smith

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Peter Russell

full bio

DCS Computer Science, author, The Brain Book, Waking Up In Time,
The Global Brain Awakens, The Consciousness Revolution, From
Science to God
and others

Keynote: The Essence of Consciousness

Workshop: The Art of Letting Go

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Danah Zohar

full bio

PhD, scientist, philosopher, author, The Quantum Self, The Quantum
Society,Through the Time Barrier: A Study of Precognition and
Modern Physics
and many other books

Keynote: Spiritual Capital — Wealth We Can Live By

Workshop: Further Explorations of Spiritual Capital

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Raymond Moody

full bio

MD, PhD, author, Life After Life, Laugh After Laugh, Life After Loss,
and five other books, researcher, the Near Death Experience
(he coined the phrase) and dealing with grief and the effects of
laughter on illness, Chair of Consciousness Studies at University of Nevada

Keynote: New Visions Of Life after Death

Workshop: Nonsense and the Next Life

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Stephen Wolinsky

full bio

PhD, founder of Quantum Psychology, author, Trances People Live,
Quantum Consciousness, I Am That I Am, You Are Not, Walden III:
In Search of a Utopian Nirvana
and eight other books, Gestalt and
Reichian therapist, trained in classical hypnosis, psychosynthesis
and transactional analysis

Keynote: The Science of Spirituality

Workshop: Experiencing the Science of Spirituality

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Judith Orloff

full bio

MD, board certified psychiatrist and practicing intuitive, author,
Positive Energy, Guide to Intuitive Healing, Second Sight and others

Workshop: The Power of Your Intuition and Positive Energy to Heal

Workshop: How Intuition Can Help Us Better Understand Death and Dying

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Don Campbell
Composer, author, The Mozart Effect, Introduction to the Musical
and The Mozart Effect for Children

Keynote: Music, Healthcare and Consciousness

Workshop: The Powerful Ear and the Mystery of Music
Alan Wallace

full bio

PhD, interpreter for H.H. The Dalai Lama, author, Buddhism and Science,
Choosing Reality: A Buddhist View of Physics and The Mind, The Taboo
of Subjectivity: Toward a New Science of Consciousness
and many other

Workshop: Outer Space, Inner Space and Nondual Space
Don Beck

PhD, founder, National Values Center, author, Spiral Dynamics:
Mastering Values, Leadership and Change

Workshop: Spiral Dynamics: The Master Consciousness Maker

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Russell Targ

full bio

Jane Katra

full bio

former senior research physicist, Stanford Research Institute, coauthor,
Mind Race, Mind-Reach, The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World
and Miracles of Mind: Exploring Non-local Consciousness and Spiritual

Workshop: The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities.

PhD, coauthor,
Miracles of Mind: Exploring Non-Local Consciousness,
Spiritual Healing and The Heart of the Mind: How to Experience God
Without Belief, energy and spiritual healer

Workshop: Spiritual Healing as a Transformation of Consciousness:
An Experiential Workshop

Amit Goswami

full bio

Uma Goswami

full bio

PhD Physics, founder, Science within Consciousness Bulletin, author,
Quantum Mechanics, The Self Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates
the Material World,
The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist’s
Guide to Enlightenment
and Physics of the Soul

MD, psychiatrist, researcher, Indian Council of Medical Research, faculty,
Yoga Biomedical Trust, classical Indian Bharatnatyam dancer

Workshop: Supramental Intelligence and Transformation of Emotions

Workshop: Creativity and Quantum Healing
Duane Elgin

full bio

MBA, educator, media activist, author, Awakening Earth: Exploring
the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness, Global
Consciousness Change: Indicators of an Emerging Paradigm,
Collective Consciousness and Cultural Healing and Voluntary Simplicity
former senior scientist, SRI International

Workshop: Living in a Living Universe
Ilana Rubenfeld

full bio

PhD, creator and founder, Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Juilliard
trained music conductor, author,
The Listening Hand: Self-Healing
through the Rubenfeld Synergy Method of Talk and Touch
Ushering in a Century of Integration

Workshop: The Seven Steps for Changing and Healing the Emotional Body

Workshop: Humor and Other Martial Arts: The Body Tells the Truth
Brian O’Leary

full bio

PhD Astronomy, former NASA astronaut, author, Exploring Inner
and Outer Space, The Second Coming of Science and Miracle in the
, cofounder, International Association for New Science

Workshop: Re-inheriting the Earth: Conscious Solutions to Global Problems
Carlos Warter

full bio

MD, PhD, transpersonal psychiatrist, alternative healing pioneer, author,
Recovery of the Sacred, Despertar, Who Do You Think You Are? and
Pathways to the Soul

Workshop: The Genome Impact to Spiritual Transformation
Bruce Lipton

full bio

PhD, developmental Cell Biology, Director, Institute for Cellular
Communication, researcher of the biochemical pathways connecting the
mind and body that provide insight into the molecular basis of
consciousness, author,
The Biology of Consciusness, Muscle Regeneration
and Basic Histology

Workshop: The Secret of Life…and Other Amusing Biological Realities

Click Here for Press Release about Bruce Lipton

Christine Page

full bio

MD, Homeopath, author, Frontiers of Health, Beyond the Obvious,
Mind Body Spirit Workbook, Spiritual Alchemy
and others

Workshop: Soul Navigation: Enhancing the Power of the Intuition
Saniel Bonder

full bio

pioneer of a practical science of mutual whole-being enlightenment,
founder of the “Waking Down” spiritual work, author of
Waking Down:
Beyond Hypermasculine Dharmas, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, Great
Relief: When the Core Wound of Your Existence Becomes Conscious and
The Tantra of Trust: Skilled and Superlative Intimate Sexual Partnership
for 21st Century Woman and Man

Workshop: Quantum Vision and Quantum Love: The Art and Science of
Awakened Living in the 21st Century

Workshop: 21st Century Woman and Man:
Diamond Cornerstone —
Skills Required for Living in the New Millennium

Donna Eden

Founder, The Energy Medicine Institute, coauthor, Energy

Workshop: Energy Medicine: A Hands-On Experience

Click Here for Press Release about Donna Eden

Glen Rein

full bio

Maria Rein Syldona

full bio

PhD, founder/CEO, Quantum Biology Research Lab, author, Quantum
Biology: Healing with Subtle Energy

PhD, founder and director, Transpersonal MindBody Healing Center,
researcher, subtle energies and energy medicine

Workshop: Integral Science: An Eastern and Western Perspective on the
Role of the Mind and Prana in Psycho-Spiritual Development

Workshop: Holistic & Experimental Approach to the Study of Psychospiritual Healing
Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern

full bio

PhD Music Psychology, Composer, recording artist, President, Inner Peace
Music, author,
Sound Health, Sound Matters and Sound, Stress and Inner

Evening Event: An Interactive Healing Concert for Inner and Outer Peace

Workshop: Exploring the Healing Power of Music

Click Here for Press Release about Steven Halpern

Dale Pond

full bio

engineer, inventor, author, Physics of Love, Universal Laws Never
Before Revealed: Keely’s Secrets and Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine
reinvented the Musical Dynasphere to harness mind force

Workshop: Activating Your Power to Create
Howard Martin

full bio

coauthor, The Heartmath Solution “New discoveries now reveal that within
each of us there exists an organizing and central intelligence that can lift
us beyond our problems and into a new experience of fulfillment even in
the midst of chaos. It’s a high-speed, intuitive source of wisdom and
clear perception, an intelligence that embraces and fosters both mental
and emotional intelligence. We call it heart intelligence.”
— Doc Childre & Howard Martin

Workshop: The Intelligent Heart

Click Here for Press Release about Howard Martin

Vasant Lad

Ayurvedic Physician, founder, The Ayurvedic Institute, author Ayurveda:
The Science of Self-Healing, An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine,
Cooking for Self Healing, Secrets of the Pulse: The Ancient Art of
Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies,
Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda,
Ayurveda: The Science of Life

Workshop: States of Consciousness in Ayurveda and Vedic Thought

Workshop: Exploring the Shad Darshan: The Seven Classical Systems of
Vedic Thought Explaining the Nature of Existence

Konstantin Korotkov

full bio

PhD, Director, St. Petersburg Research Center on Medical and Biological
Engineering, editor,
Journal of Consciousness and Physical Reality,
inventor, Gas Discharge Visualization instrument, professor, Academy of
Natural Medicine, researcher, Leningrad Polytechnical Institute, author,
Light After Life and Aura and Consciousness

Workshop: Consciousness and the Human Energy Field: Exploration and

Workshop: Experimental Study of Altered States of Consciousness in
Different Applications

Daniel Kinderlehrer

MD, cofounder, New England Center for Holistic Medicine, instructor,
National Institute of Behavioral Medicine, author,
Unraveling the Mysteries
of Lyme Disease
, coauthor, Antioxidant Save-Your-Life Cookbook

Workshop: Neuropeptides and Kabbalah: The Synthesis of Science and
Spirit, or Where Is Mind?

Meir Schneider

full bio

PhD, founder, School for Self-Healing, author Self-Healing:
My Life and Vision, The Handbook for Self-Healing, Meir Schneider’s
Miracle Eyesight Method and Yoga for the Eyes
, after reading Braille
until age 17, Meir overcame blindness caused by congenital cataracts,
glaucoma and other serious problems, today holds an unrestricted driver’s

Workshop: Natural Vision Improvement Through Eye Exercises

Workshop: Self-Healing Through Movement

Click Here for Press Release about Meir Schneider

Angela Browne-Miller

PhD, DSW, National Institute of Mental Health Post Doctoral Fellow,
How to Die and Survive and other books

Workshop: Visionary Healing: Metaphysical Aspects of Physical
and Psychological Healing

Workshop: Face to Face with Interdimensional Consciousness:
Adventures in How to Die and Survive

Vinicius Braga
Martins da Costa

full bio

MD, psychiatrist, director, Brazilian Association of Ethnopsychiatry,
Afro-Brazilian Shamanism in the Encyclopedia of Shamanism,
Foundations of Spirituality

Workshop: Using Natural Altered States of Consciousness to Understand
the Processes of Illness and Treatment Based on Spiritual Energy

Workshop: Processes of Illness and Cure Through Spirituality and Spiritism
in Afro Brazilian Culture

Olga Kharitidi

full bio

MD, researcher of healing approaches from different cultures about
the transformation of trauma, author, Entering the Circle: Ancient Secrets
of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist and The Master
of Lucid Dreams

Workshop: Transformation Of Trauma

Click Here for Press Release about Olga Kharitidi

Mitchell Gibson

MD, forensic psychiatrist, writer, artist, software developer, Clinical Professor
of Medicine and Psychiatry, author,
Signs of Mental Illness, Signs of Psychic
and Spiritual Ability and Mission Impossible

Workshop: The Living Soul

full bio

Teaching member, Congress of International and Indigenous Medicine, teacher of
Ancient Toltec/Mexihka mystery tradition of Tetzkatlipoka, carrier of the Black
Smokey Mirror Medicine tradition

Special Evening Event: Tetzkatlipoka (The Black Smokey Mirror):
Aztec/Toltec Wisdom  of
Consciousness and Healing
Onye Onyemaechi

full bio

MBA, founder, Village Rhythms, Nigerian master drummer and dancer, spiritual
advisor, recording artist, healer

Evening Event: The Village Rhythm Experience

Workshop: Ancestral Drumming and Dance — Ancient African Healing and
Consciousness Shifting Technology
Candace Pert

full bio

PhD Pharmacology, discoverer of opiate receptors in the brain, featured
in BillMoyers series Healing and the Mind, author Molecules of Emotion:
The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

Workshop: Emotions: the Key to the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

Click Here for Press Release about Candace Pert
Debbie &
Carlos Rosas
Debbie and Rosas, creators of Nia Technique, an energetic, dynamic
healing movement technique blending dance, martial arts and somatics
therapeutic techniques

Early Morning: Nia technique

Workshop: The Body’s Way: A Nia Approach to Consciousness Recognizing Itself
Greg Tamblyn

full bio

Musician, songwriter, humorist, recording artist, Shootout at the
I’m OK, You’re OK Corral
and others

Evening Event: The Shootout at the I’m OK, You’re OK Corral
Joe Miquez

full bio

Artist, labyrinth builder, facilitator, teacher, change agent and author,
nationally known as the Labyrinth Man

Evening Event: The Labyrinth Experience: A Walking Meditation

George Breed, PhD

Leader, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Early Morning: Source-Based Stress reduction

Carmen Brocklehurst

Certified Tai Chi Chih instructor, host of PBS television series Tai
Chi Chih: Joy through Movement

Early Morning: Tai Chi Chih: Joy through Movement
Ashley Rowan

full bio

Founder, Bodymind Holistic Center, certified instructor White Lotus
Flow Yoga, studied with B.K.S. Iyengar

Early Morning: Yoga and the Focus of Consciousness
Margo Gray

No Photo

full bio

bodytoning instructor

Preconference & Workshop: Conscious Fitness
Maboud Swierkosz

full bio

Tara Andrea Swierkosz

full bio

Dances of Universal Peace

instructors, Dances of Universal Peace

Evening Event: Dances of Universal Peace
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