Andrea Adler

Andrea Adler is founder of in the United States and Marketing in Mexico. She has been a marketing and public relations consultant for 30 years, representing Internet companies, multi-media companies, and artistic ventures in Europe, Mexico and the United States. For the past twenty years, she has focused her talents specifically on the therapeutic / holistic community, artists and entrepreneurial spirits.

Andrea is the author of Creating An Abundant Practice: A Spiritual and Practical Guide for Holistic Practitioners and Healing Centers, and The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetism. Her novel, Pushing Upward, will be out soon.

In her early twenties, Andrea was an actress on Broadway, on television and in film. She wrote, directed and produced videos for The American Film Institute, as well as for independent video companies.

Andrea has studied meditation for 30 years and has lived in ashrams and meditation centers in India, Paris, New York and California. Throughout her 30 year career, she has continually integrated her meditation discipline with her evolving expertise in PR and marketing, helping people understand the spiritual and practical laws of abundance and applying these principals while doing business.

Monday, April 25 -- 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
The Science of Spiritual Marketing: An Initiation into Magnetism
 Andrea Adler 
Santa Fe Room

Just as there are initiations in indigenous cultures, in current religions, and in any new endeavor or field of interest we set out to experience, there is an initiation into magnetism. Once we understand what the initiation process is, there is a quality of being that takes precedence and a universal plea that elicits us to develop certain somatic/sensory foundations within ourselves.

For instance, when we are aligned with our calling, when we are connected to source, when we understand soulful branding and the need for ritual and ceremony within our outreach, when we have integrated the spiritual and practical laws into our being - then, and only then will our marketing strategies bare fruit and become magnets for the future we want to create. This is the essence of Spiritual Marketing and the beginning of Initiation into Magnetism.

By understanding this initiation process, entrepreneurs, small and large business owners, artists, educators, and holistic practitioners will be able to embody and integrate these new practices, make sustainable shifts in their marketing approaches, and create the success they yearn.

Goal: To understand public relations and marketing from a spiritual as well as practical perspective Learning Objectives:

To begin the initiation process,

To align with our "souls" calling, and

To create the strategy that will take us to the future we yearn to create.

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This conference is approved for CEUs through the National Board of Certified Counselors.

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