John Cogswell, PhD

John practices psychotherapy and, in 1959, at System Development Corporation, he pioneered the first study in computer-assisted counseling. In 1965, caught between the “objective” psychologist and the subjective self, he sought therapy with James Bugental (“An experience in Conflict Between the Self and Technology” in Experiences in Being). This therapy produced a transpersonal experience that markedly altered his view of reality (reported in Bugental’s Psychotherapy and Process). It was this change that ultimately culminated in the discovery of the Walking-In-Your-Shoes process.

Tuesday, April 26 -- 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Walking in Your Shoes: A New Way of “Knowing”
— John Cogswell —
Southwest Ballroom

Walking-In-Your-Shoes takes place in a group setting of like minded, caring people. The work begins when a member of the group asks to be walked. Another member volunteers to walk as that person. The walker literally walks in the circle. The facilitator guides the walker to listen to the impulses of the bodymind and thus the walker becomes the person, reporting all their thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuitions. By Walking -In-Your -Shoes, the group experiences a wholeness lost in our over-stimulated modern world.

Goal: To teach people how to use Walking-In-Your-Shoes as a new way of knowing and healing others.


  • learn how to know others by walking them
  • experience the benefits of having someone walk you, and
  • learn to guide people who are walking in others’ shoes.

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