Peter Italia, MD

Peter received his postgraduate training in medicine and surgery. His educational background also includes science, computers, business and accounting. Peter has used his knowledge of spacetime and time travel to help seriously ill and dying patients at major hospitals and medical centers and has been involved in several recent major news events. He is the author of Supernatural Medicine.

Saturday, April 23 -- 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Time Travel: Beyond Relativity
— Peter Italia —

From cosmological musings about the variable speed of light and the origins of the universe to the more tangible concerns of space exploration and interplanetary flight, time travel has generated considerable scientific and public interest in recent years.

This presentation provides a basic understanding of time travel ( including spacetime and its structure), its uses and implications. A theoretical discussion expands upon the fundamental concepts of relativity theory and quantum mechanics, including:

  • spacetime, multiple dimensions and time warps
  • the dynamics of time travel and the different means of altering time
  • the different possible uses of time travel as well as ethical considerations.

The use of personal experiences and medical/surgical case studies helps illustrate the practical applications of time travel.

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