Christine Page, MD

Dr. Christine Page is an internationally respected pioneer in health care and mysticism. Early in her life, she was introduced to many esoteric teachings and traditional healing methods. Her deep understanding of the complexity of our existence has been enhanced by over 25 years as a health care practitioner. Now she sees the transformation occurring on a much wider stage and through her books and teachings, offers simple ways to remember our purpose while riding the waves of change.

She has written five books including Navigating the Souls Journey, Frontiers of Health, Beyond the Obvious and her latest Spiritual Alchemy. Her regular appearances in the media enhance her message which aims to awaken the Inner Healer and helps individuals live their truth by following their intuition.

Wednesday, April 27 -- 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
and 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Soul Navigation: Enhancing the Power of the Intuition
 Christine Page 
Southwest Ballroom

Intuition is a state of inner knowing often emerging out-of-the-blue as Ah-h and yet with such a sense of certainty that wed stake our lives on its information. Its a powerful source of creativity and when we allow it to guide our thoughts and actions, we experience greater confidence, clarity and more honest relationships.

You will explore this gift, be provided with ways to enhance your intuition as well as seeing ways in which this can become blocked by limiting fears. In a safe environment, you will have the opportunity to experience your intuitive awareness working in small groups. Time will be given for questions.

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