Don Campbell

Don is considered by many to be the world’s foremost expert on the
transformational powers of music. For the past thirty years, he has researched and documented the role and uses of music in therapeutic settings, psychology and imagery applications, educational programs and the contemporary and indigenous spiritual traditions. His most famous books are The Mozart Effect, Rhythms of Learning and Music: Physician for Times to Come. In addition to authoring nine books, he has created numerous spoken and music recordings.

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Music, Healthcare and Consciousness
Music harmonizes the mind/body and emotions, enhancing our ability to feel, center and heal. It can transform the chaos and dissonance of modern life into balance and active health. It can purge, harmonize and restore the mind and body.

Don explores how certain sounds and rhythms can set off an instinctual set of reactions that trigger and quicken awareness and modify consciousness. From indigenous forms of shamanic music to the elegant organization of Mozart, music can serve as an active component in pain and stress reduction, physical rehabilitation and psychological process.

With imagery, movement and toning the voice, this session opens the newest vistas of health with music.

•be able to list three ways that music modifies stress and pain.
•experience how music can modify space/time awareness and experience emotional clarity.
•learn three ways to use the voice as a valid component in self-referent wellness.
The Powerful Ear and the Mystery of Music
The multiple levels of auditory stimulation in music have far reaching effects in the mind and body. The ear is more than an organ of hearing, it regulates balance, spatial perceptions and is a co-coordinator for rhythmic responses of the body. The rhythms, harmonies and melodies of music create complex responses in the brain and body.

Don will review these components of music and sound and explore their levels of response for improving memory, attentiveness, relaxation and concentration. In this "ear on" workshop, you'll find new ways to listen, explore and integrate music into your life. The session will include a journey with imagery into the mysteries of Music.

To show how music activates mental, emotional and physical responses to improve learning, concentration and wellness.

•learn and experience three ways to listen to music for improving the mind. 
•learn and experience five ways to integrate Multiple Intelligence theories to improve observation and concentration skills
•discover and experience three ways in which musical themes and melodies play an important role in learning processes.