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Here is a comprehensive listing, in alphabetical order, of the men and women who have shared their extraordinary vision, talents and energy to help make this popular event so enriching over the years:

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Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician, founder, The Ayurvedic Institute, author Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing, An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Cooking for Self-Healing, Secrets of the Pulse:The Ancient Art of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies, Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda, and Ayurveda: The Science of Life

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Laara Lindo, President and CEO, University of Science and Philosophy
Bruce Lipton, PhD Developmental Cell Biology, Director, Institute for Cellular Communication, author, The Biology of Consciousness

Mark Macy, PhD Pioneer, instrumental transcommunication (the use of technology to get in touch with the other side), author, Miracles in the Storm, Conversations Beyond the Light

Teri Mahaney, PhD, Researcher, brainwave states and transformation, author, Change Your Mind and SuperSleep

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Howard Martin, coauthor, The Heartmath Solution “New discoveries now reveal that within each of us there exists an organizing and central intelligence that can lift us beyond our problems and into a new experience of fulfillment even in the midst of chaos. It’s a high-speed, intuitive source of wisdom and clear perception, an intelligence that embraces and fosters both mental and emotional intelligence. We call it heart intelligence.”
— Doc Childre & Howard Martin

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Suzanne Maxwell, Co-author, Tales From Open Space, faculty, Center for Creative Leadership

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Ralph Metzner, PhD, Author, The Unfolding Self: Varieties of Transformative Experience

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Andrew Michrowski, PhD, cofounder, Planetary Association for Clean Energy
Jean Millay, PhD Human Sciences, coeditor, Silver Threads: Twenty five years of Parapsychology Research, author, Multidimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace
Judith Miller, PhD Psychology, author, Direct Connection: Transformation of Consciousness, board, Kundalini Research Network, developer, Personal Consciousness Integration Therapy
Karen Milstein, PhD, practitioner, psychotherapy, energy psychology and ecopsychology
Arnold Mindell, PhD, Founder of Process Oriented Psychology, author, Dreambody, Sitting in the Fire, The Leader as Martial Artist, The Shaman’s Body, Quantum Mind: The Edge between Physics and Psychology, Dreaming While Awake and many others
full bio

Amy Mindell, PhD, Co-founder, Process Work Center, author, Metaskills, The Spiritual Art of Therapy, An Alternative to Therapy, Coma: A Healing Journey and coauthor, Riding the Horse Backwards

full bio
Joe Miquez, Artist, labyrinth builder, facilitator, teacher, change agent, author Nationally known as the “Labyrinth Man,”

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Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD Parapsychology, President, Intuition Network, author, The Roots of Consciousness: Exploration Through History, Science and Experience
Edgar Mitchell, ScD, Apollo astronaut, 6th man to walk on the moon, founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Laurie Monroe President, The Monroe Institute. Creator of the Hemi-Sync technology, a tool for expanding human consciousness and human potential

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, author, Life After Life, Laugh After Laugh, Life After Loss, Reunions and five other books, researcher, the Near Death Experience (he coined the phrase) and dealing with grief and the effects of laughter on illness, Chair of Consciousness Studies at University of Nevada

full bio

Richard Moore, MD, PhD Biophysics Author, The High Blood Pressure Solution: A Scientifically Proven Program for Preventing Strokes and Heart Disease.

Story Musgrave, MD, NASA Astronaut, mathematician, chemist, biophysicist, philosopher; researcher, Walt Disney Imagineering

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Eric Mutén, PsyD, cofounder, DramaWorks Interactive Business Theater
Claudio Naranjo Claudio Naranjo, PhD, author, The Divine Child and the Hero, On the Psychology of Meditation, Transformation Through Insight, Character and Neurosis and 13 other books
No Photo Available Jeremy Narby, PhD Anthropology, author, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origin of Knowledge
Andrew Newberg, MD, author, Why God Won’t Go Away, The Mystical Mind: Probing the Biology of Religious Experience, The Neuroscience of Spiritiual Experience and many others
Brian O’Leary, PhD Astronomy, former NASA astronaut, author, Exploring Inner and Outer Space, The Second Coming of Science and Miracle in the Void, cofounder, International Association for New Science
Onye Onyemaechi, MBA, Founder, Village Rhythms, Nigerian master drummer and dance

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Judith Orloff, MD, author, Second Sight and Dr. Orloff’s Guide to Intuitive Medicine
Alondra Oubré, PhD Medical Anthropology, former researcher, Shaman Pharmaceuticals, researcher, Bioanthropology Laboratory, author, Instinct and Revelation: Reflections on the Origins of Numinous Perception
Christine Page, MD, Homeopath, author, Frontiers of Health, Beyond the Obvious, Mind Body Spirit Workbook, Spiritual Alchemy and others

full bio
Paul Pearsall, PhD Educational and Clinical Psychology, author, The Heart’s Code, The Pleasure Prescription, Write Your Own Pleasure Prescription, Sexual Healing and Super Immunity
Candace Pert, PhD Pharmacology, discoverer of opiate receptors in the brain, featured in Bill Moyers series Healing and the Mind, author Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

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