Tina de Souza

Tina is a Ialorixa priestess of the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Umbanda. She was initiated through the Temple Guaracy in Sao Paolo, Brazil where she has been working as a medium for over 30 years. She is also a practicing psychotherapist. In 1992, she created the Meta-Psychotherapy Process (MPP), which integrates western psychotherapy with Afro-Brazilian energetic techniques. When she is not traveling, she teaches and supervises students at the University of Sao Paolo. Tina’s work bridges two very different worlds: that of the trance medium facilitating traditional healing through her channeled spirit-guides, and that of the contemporary clinical psychotherapist. Tina travels extensively throughout Europe and the Americas teaching and supporting extensions of Temple Guaracy, speaking about the tradition and MPP. Her work has been the subject of research by psychologists and anthropologists alike.

Saturday, April 23 -- 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Realizing the Inner Self Through the Universe of the Orixas
— Tina de Souza —

This experiential session introduces participants to the Orixas – subtle energies that manifest in nature in relation to the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Each Orixa resonates within us corresponding to our different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. By attuning to their specific vibrational frequencies, it is possible to experience profound transformation. Through drums, dance and song, participants will be introduced to a modality steeped in the wisdom teachings of the Afro-Brazilian tradition. Through this tradition, we can bring balance to our lives on a variety of levels, including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and mediumistic. Tina offers:

  • the opportunity to discuss theXiré, or Medicine Wheel as it is known in the United States, and how it relates to each individual
  • a personal experience through movement of their own connection to the Xiré
  • support for the growth and understanding of yourself
Participants should wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing and be prepared for movement. Do not bring a drum. It’s a good idea to bring a pillow to sit on. (Chairs will be available for those who need one.)

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