Cleve Backster

In addition to having been an observer of human psychophysiology tracings, Cleve Backster has conducted extensive research related to observed electrical responses in plant life and at a cellular level in other living organisms. His research into what has been called "The Backster Effect" has attracted world wide attention. His work was featured in the bestselling book, The Secret Life of Plants by Tompkins and Bird, and another book The Secret Life of Your Cells by Robert Stone.

Cleve is currently teaching at the Backster School of Lie Detection, was formerly an Interrogation Specialist with the CIA, and was Chairman of the Research and Instrument Committee of the Academy for Scientific Interrogation. He has authored a book on his biocommunication research called Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, Bacteria and Human Cells. This work includes descriptions and charts of his 36 years of discoveries and latest findings.

Sunday, April 23
The Journey from Plants to Human Cells
- Cleve Backster _
Ballroom 2:00pm to 4:00pm

For millenia, traditional peoples have known that all live forms - plants, animals and even single cells - are not only sentient and intelligent, but that they communicate with one another. This fact got lost a few centuries ago between the mechanistic focus of industrial science and the modern human view of reality that ascribed consciousness only to the human brain. A few 20th century scientific pioneers, like Chandra Bose in India and the Kirlians in the former Soviet Union, had earlier developed technology to demonstrate energy fields and basic emotional responses in plants and animals. Backster's experimental work took the next step and documented a heretofore unrecognized cellular level of interspecies biocommunication.

Goal: To show how scientists and humanity are becoming aware of Mother Nature's communication capability.
Learning Objectives:
• Learn how thoughts have a simultaneous effect on our cells and our environment,
• Learn how positive vs. negative thoughts relate to holistic health, and
• Discover how we can use this knowledge through discernment and intention.

Tuesday, April 25
Primary Perception: Biocommunication Dialogues
-Cleve Backster-
Ballroom 10:30am to noon

Plants and living cells have always provided wonderful observations, but ht has been humans who delivered the disappointments ansd thwarted biocommunication research. For example, when an episode of a science show went for editing, editors behind the scenes decided certain material should not be included and in the end some spectacular events were cut completely because it happened outside their accepted paradigm. So much really good information is kept from the public. With the internet and more broad-minded scientists and researchers, this is beginning to change. The legendary Cleve Backster holds no information back.

Goal: To share real stories of Primary Perception as it is lived spontaneously.
Learning Objectives
• Learn about experiences with biocommunication that went wrong and revealed something anyway,
• Learn the effects of biocommunication, and
• Learn what is needed for future experimentation and instrumentation.

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