Zachary Miller, PhD

Zachary is a Paris-based counselor, parapsycholgist, researcher and independent filmmaker. As director of the Enigma Group, he is using his lifelong study and personal experience in examining the unexplained. He has, since earliest childhood, been interested in all things unusual, paranormal, supernatural and unexplained.

By the age of twelve, he had an intensive personal meditation and prayer regime and was reading Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. He had also begun studying ritual magick, psychic phenomena and Tae-Kwon-Do. Later other interests and fields of study included psychology, parapsychology, chaos magick, ninjitsu, kung fu, isolation tanks, quantum physics, parallel times, fasting, consciousness expansion, astral projection, remote viewing, holistic health, massage, energy work, tantric yoga, brain machines, comparative religions and more. He felt that only by being a generalist or a Renaissance human could one get a true picture of how the universe works and how individuals could become their ultimate selves. This was and remains his goal. His upcoming books include Intention, Belief, Emotion and Will: Consciousness and The Scientific Basis for Magick, and Maximizing Bioenergetic Potential coauthored with Dr. Liviu Nuteanu.

Liviu Nuteanu, MD

Dr. Nuteanu is senior neurosurgeon at Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital in Bucharest, Romania. In addition to his duties as a neurosurgeon he has trained himself in bio-energetic healing and has destroyed cancer cells in a laboratory demonstration made with two professors (neurosurgeons) and a specialist in cellular biology; more data available in the abstract published in the AIM Newsletter (The Association for Integrative Medicine). He is also author of Bioenergy and Integrative Medicine and Deputy Secretary of the Romanian Society of Neurosurgery and is Senior Research Associate of The Enigma Group. He is on the Scientific Advisory Board of The Association for Integrative Medicine. Miller & Nuteanu are currently doing research and writing a book on Bioenergy.

Sunday, April 23
Intention, Belief, Emotion, and Will: Consciousness and the Scientific Basis for Magick
-Zachary Miller and Liviu Nuteanu-
Ballroom 4:30pm to 5:30pm

It has been said that every known culture in the history of the world has described the existence of a life force energy within the human body that can be directed or manipulated by the mind. It has been called chi (Chinese), ki (Japanese), prana (Indian), mana (Hawaiian), pneuma (stoics), spritus (Roman), rlung (Tibetan), and more recently subtle energy, the field, bioenergy, zero point field and the force. Is Magick the practice of applying that energy. It is said that "Magick is the art and science of causing change in accordance with the will by non-physical means." (Aleister Crowley) and "The art of producing changes in consciousness in accordance with the will" (Dion Fortune).

In Magick, it is the intent of the practitioner and his ability that clearly influences the final outcome of any magickal operation. Drs. Miller and Nuteanu will discuss the basic theories behind Magick, what makes it work when it does and how do those ideas relate to the new scientific discoveries recently made regarding intention and belief? What is it exactly that defines the ability of a magician? What skills must he/she master? Most magicians, whether they practice High Magick, Chaos Magick or any of the other forms focus on such concepts as Intention, Belief, Emotion and Will. In this program we will gain knowledge regarding the connection between Science and Magick.

Goal: To show the basic correlations between traditional Magick and the new scientific discoveries regarding intention and belief.
Learning objectives:
*Learn basic theories regarding Magick,
*Learn how to use Magick in daily life,
*Learn ethical aspects in Magick, and
*Learn how magical practices can aid in the development of personal consciousness, creativity and parapsychological or paranormal abilities.

Monday, April 24
Maximizing Bioenergetic Potential
-Zachary Miller and Liviu Nuteanu-
La Terraza 10:30am to 12:00 noon

This experiential program explores the myriad aspects of subtle energy work in healing, both in-person and at-a-distance. It is an examination and study of bioenergy and intentionality in healing that proposes methods, practices, tools, techniques and systems that improve the strength and efficacy of controlled manipulation of this "subtle energy".

We will include some theory as well as techniques for personally maximizing your bioenergetic field and for utilizing biofield or energy therapies for healing self and others. Dr. Miller will discuss his use of bioenergy as it relates to healing, consciousness shamanism and the paranormal. Dr.Nuteanu will also discuss documented experiments in the lab of where he has personally damaged cancerous cerebral tumor cells by the emission of bioenergy. Both will lead you in simple exercises and techniques for bioenergetic transmission and examine technological possibilities for aiding in maximizing the effects of this incredible and powerful energy source.

Goal: To show how we can use and increase bioenergy to obtain health for ourselves and others and generally improve our lives.

Learning objectives:
*Learn how to observe and “feel” Bioenergy,
*Learn the basic practice of healing utilizing bioenergy,
*Learn how to increase one’s ability to do both in-person and distance healing,
*Learn ethical aspects of Bioenergy use, and
*Learn how cultivating bioenergetic force can aid in the development of personal consciousness, creativity and parapsychological or paranormal abilities.

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