Libby Smith, PhD, EdD

Libby Smith is a coach, educator, mentor, author, speaker and life-long learner. "Dr. Libby" holds two doctoral degrees and is alsocertified in Regression Therapy, Reiki, Synergia and personal training. She also teaches yoga and is also an ordained minister. Dr. Libby has been teaching for 12 years; her courses include Human Sexuality, Marriage and Family, Women and Health, General Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. Dr. Libby is also an advisor for graduate students at Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona

Wednesday, April 26
Memes, The Mind, and Manifestation
-Libby Smith-
Ballroom 10:45am to 12:00 noon

Explore the ideas and theories of science, sociology, memetics, and quantum physics as Dr. Libby Smith invites you to discover the influential affects of the media, the power of the mind, and the ways that thoughts manifest in our everyday lives. Uncover both conscious and subconscious messages of our culture while becoming aware of their affects on our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. Building on the works of Dawkins, Brodie, Bohm, Dyer, Quinn, and Chopra, Libby shows how we are socialized into thought patterns that may manifest into realities both desired and undesirable. Through the process of "questioning everything," Dr. Libby will assist you in the process of Self-discovery that helps you to uncover your unconscious thoughts, bringing an awareness that offers understanding, peace, and harmony to your lives.

Goal: Self-discovery that results from an awareness of the memes within our culture and their impact to affect our lives in dramatic ways.
Learning objectives:
*Identify memes and become aware of their influence on both micro and macro levels.
*Become aware of thoughts in an effort to question, analyze, and evaluate their effects on our daily lives, and
*Awaken from the “cultural trance” and begin to manifest consciously to create harmony and peace

CEs Available:

This conference is approved for CEUs through the National Board of Certified Counselors.

We can also issue you a Certificate of Attendance for submitting to other Boards.

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