Paul Von Ward

Paul is author of Gods, Genes and Consciousness; Our Solarian Legacy: Multidimensional Humans in a Self-Learning Universe; Solarian Legacy: Metascience and New Renaissance and Dismantling the Pyramid: Government by the People. He started his professional life as a Protestant minister and psychologist. He then dedicated three decades to public service, consecutively as a U. S. naval officer, U.S. diplomat, and founder and CEO of a cross-cultural and educational nonprofit. With degrees from Harvard and Florida State University, he combines cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research in his self-defined role as "cosmic puzzle-master," filling the blanks in humanity's cosmological cross-word puzzle.

Saturday, April 22
Our Species Multiple Personality Disorder: The Fragmentation of Human Consciousness -Paul Von Ward-
Ballroom 10:45am to 12:00 noon

How did humans reach the point where various groups actually live in different psychological realities? An interdisciplinary re-examination of history suggests why and how modern human consciousness became fragmented into mutually antagonistic views of the universe and Homo sapiens' place in it. Paul presents evidence to support a thought-provoking hypothesis that accounts for the derailment of humanity from its integrated and natural path of development, resulting in an era of god-cults, subsequent magical thinking, and the fundamental split between science and modern supernaturalism. Drawing on research from the history of science and culture, archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, genetics, psychology, and ancient texts, he paints a compelling picture of a past long-forgotten and continually re-shaped by vested interests.

Goal: To gain new insights into the historical roots of modern human consciousness. Learning Objectives:
• Understand the historical evidence for an early singular mode of consciousness.
• Learn the origins of modern belief systems, and
• Learn about paradigms and world views that divide humans from one another.

Monday, April 24
Four Modes of Human Consciousness: Materialism, Supernaturalism, Mysticism, and Naturalism
— Paul Von Ward —
Ballroom 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Efforts to predict 2004 voting patterns failed due to lack of psychologically sensitive tools that reflected contradictory "states of mind" in the American society. Simplistic belief categories like "moral values" and "war on terrorism" misled candidates and analysts. Labels like liberal/conservative, left/right, pragmatists/believers, and science/faith don't accurately identify the divisions.

The current fragmentation of consciousness is much deeper and more susceptible to psychological manipulation than we have assumed. This workshop introduces an assessment tool (similar to the Myers-Briggs model) that identifies four modes of consciousness (materialism, supernaturalism, mysticism, and naturalism) that shape individual emotions and behaviors. Take part in a study to measure the fault lines in modern consciousness and help develop strategies to bridge them. (Experiential workshop)

Goal: To develop an understanding of the way belief systems affect emotions and behavior on important issues.
Learning Objectives:
• Grasp the relationship between core beliefs and assumptions about the nature of reality and human actions,
• Gain insight into psychological assessment techniques, and
• Develop new ways to think about social conflicts.

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