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Additional Comments From our Attendees

“I am going to look at my work/designs differently — in terms of possibilities for licensing. The Marketing Conference made it seem less scary or intimidating by breaking it down into doable steps.”

— Regina Alexandra, artist
Regina Alexandra Design
Phoenix, Arizona

“I am thrilled with the level of information, sharing, and support the instructors gave us.”

— Wendy Bialek, weaver
Wendy the Weaver
Sedona, Arizona

“This Bootcamp planted the seed for me to make a practice of looking past the obvious in my marketing.”

— Steve Chaparro, glass and wood artist
Sea Sprite Design
Santa Barbara, California

“I realized that going where the money is — is also where my passion is.”

— Judy Cottone, potter, sculpture carver
Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. This conference was awesome!!”

— Veronica Escudero

“The Marketing Conference provided abundant information — both practical and inspirational. I’m going home enthusiastic and empowered — ready ‘to set my world on fire.’”

— Lila Fritschen
Artisan’s Alley
Hutchinson, Kansas

“Marketing sounds more like an adventure now. You’ve offered me a ton of information. I plan to increase my income streams, create more profit from my website, become an ‘expert,’ and license some of my designs.”

— Valery Guignon, artist
Guignon Designs
Dallas, Texas

“The sessions with Michael Woodward opened up new possibilities that I have wanted to know about for years. I expect to double or triple my income. Thank you!”

— Anna Hansen, photography, graphic design
Dakini Design
Santa Fe, NM

“An absolutely awesome experience. The changes I will make in my business will be dramatic. I’m a student, but I am well aware that the information I received from the speakers will help me in putting together the best plan resulting in a successful business.”

— Kevin Kram, photographer
Santa Barbara, California

“There was so much useful ‘nuts and bolts’ information. I now know that I’ve never made a living as an artist before, because I didn’t believe it was a possibility for me.”

— Setsuko Nagatoshi, oil painter
Los Angeles, California

“I am going to adjust my prices according to the formula James Dillehay suggests. And as Andrea Adler points out, ‘By harnessing the essence of my creativity as a marketing tool, I will naturally promote, market and increase my sales.’ I expect my profit to double in 2004.”

— Victoria Shrewsbury, potter
Scottsdale, Arizona

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