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by Jeff Hutner

Evolutionary Business places people and the planet ahead of profits in determining if a project should proceed. It re-orders priorities and evaluates the effect of this product or service on people and the planet and then asks if it makes economic sense. It integrates the spiritual dimension as well as the material. It honors and integrates the feminine intuitive as well as the masculine plan. It thinks of long term effects rather than focusing exclusively on short term profits. It produces what could be called a compassionate capitalism.

After all, business is the dominant institution in society today and has the greatest obligation to contribute sustainable solutions and from our window on the world, some of the most creative people have heard the call and are answering it in highly original ways.

McKinsey & Company is the largest consulting firm in the world with 10,000 consultants, partners and staff, and 3000 clients including a large percentage of the Fortune 500. Hardly the place you would expect to find spirituality being integrated, but here is a wonderful example of the impact one person can have on a business culture.

At last year’s Business and Consciousness conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Michael Rennie, a partner from Sydney, Australia and Gita Bellin, a consultant with a strong metaphysical orientation, presented preliminary findings of their work with several McKinsey clients. Their three-day process was culled from a year's research into powerful transformational techniques utilizing visualization and other elements to help move executives from their heads to their hearts. From this place, they then work on business issues and some amazing results have been produced in early trials.

For instance, a telecommunications company with a 35% turnover rate saw a 65% decrease in 4 months. Several clients saw 400% productivity increasestwice the work in half the time, as executives developed a deeper sense of mission with an ecological and evolutionary perspective. When Michael and Gita presented the results of their initial work to McKinsey partners, 50% told them they would like to have them to work with their clients. Michael and Gita would have been thrilled with 10%.

At this year's conference in Acapulco, Michael and Gita will present an update on their work and the results they have achieved. There will also be presentations by many other conscious evolutionaries including, of course, Barbara Marx Hubbard.

For information on this year's International Conference on Business and Consciousness, November 6-13th in Acapulco, visit their website at, email: [email protected] or call 505-474-0998 for their inspiring brochure.

Jeff Hutner is the editor of Voices of Conscious Evolution, a quarterly online and print newsletter from which this article is excerpted. For VCE subscription info check their website: Jeff is a socially responsible business researcher and writer, a business development consultant, and President of Evolutionary Ventures, a transformational holding company. He can be reached at 805-640-9800 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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