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Home Energy Decision Book: Remodeling Your Home For Low–Cost Energy Efficiency


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Home Energy Decision Book: Remodeling Your Home For Low–Cost Energy Efficiency



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Energy costs are soaring, and the price of a new home has gone through the roof; combined with tax incentives and ready financing for remodeling older homes, these factors have created an unprecedented boom in retrofitting for energy efficiency. The Home Energy Decision Book makes sense out of the bewildering array of alternatives available to home owners in all areas of the country, from major reconstruction projects to less expensive options, including:

• estimating costs and savings
• how to increase the real value of your home
• how to do your own energy audit, including case studies from around the country
• the basics of energy conservation, with over 60 cut-away architectural drawings
• investing in passive solar energy
• how to modify your furnace and boiler to save energy
• taking stock of your water heater, appliances, and lighting
• planning major home improvements and working with a contractor
• the pros and cons of wood heat
• understanding your energy use and its role in the national economy
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Yolla Bolly Press, Covelo, CA.

United States

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