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Legal Self Help Books

Book Title Author Price Publisher

David Marsh $5.95
Thunder’s Mouth Press
Collect Your Court Judgement: 19 Ways To Get Paid — California Edition
Scott, Gini; Elias, Stephen; Goldoftas,Lisa $19.95
Sale: $11.95!
Nolo Press
Livingston, Neil $18.95
Sale: $8.95!
DC Heath & Co.
Lieberman, Marc $9.95
Makai Publishing
Peters, Deanna & Strohm, Richard $9.95
Makai Publishing Group
Sitarz, Daniel $24.95
Sale: $12.95!
.Nova Publishing Co.
Saltman, David & Schafner, Harry $9.95
Sale: $8.95!
Baron’s Educational Series
Dixon, Daniel & Dalben, Antgonio $8.00
Sale: $5.95!
R & E Publishers
Pond, Dale $11.95
The Message Company
Fariello, Sal $9.95
Sale: $7.95!
SFT Publishing
Roesler, John $14.95
The Message Company
Goulter, Vic & Barbara $8.95
Sale: $7.95!
Scarborough House
Biracree, Tom $6.95
Contemporary Books
Sullivan, James $12.75
Sale: $3.95!
.Rowman & Allenheld
Bennett, Merit $14.95
The Message Company
Moynihan, Senator Daniel Patrick $22.50
Sale: $9.95!
Harvard University Press
Milko, Ostberg & Mehan Rudy $69.95
Sale: $19.95!
.Random House Electronic Publishing
Sitarz, Daniel $15.95
Sale: $9.95!
Nova Publishing Co.
Strohm, Richard $9.95
Makai Publishing Group
Duff, Johnette & Fruitt, George $12.95
Sale: $8.95!
Sunny Beach Publications

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