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Barbara Marx Hubbard

Presenters and Presentations from the 2001 Conference:

Barbara Marx Hubbard, futurist, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, author, The Revelation, Conscious Evolution and others
In 2001:
Keynote: Gateway to Our Conscious Evolution
Workshop: Going Through the Gateway: Key Steps in Our Emergence as Universal Humans

Charles Tart Charles Tart, PhD, editor, Scientists' Transcendent Experiences, author, Altered States of Consciousness, Waking Up, Living the Mindful Life and 10 other books
In 2001:
Workshop: A Taste of Mindfulness in Real Life
Victor Sanchez Victor Sanchez, anti-anthropologist from Mexico, author, The Teachings of Don Carlos and The Toltec Path of Recapitulation: Healing Your Past to Free Your Soul
In 2001:
Keynote: The Transformative Power of the Other Side of Consciousness
Workshop: The Secret of the Feathered Serpent
In 2002:
Keynote: Kinam: Balancing Duality: New Pathways for Enhancing Awareness
Workshop: Kinam: Balancing Duality: Experience New Pathways for Enhancing Awareness
Huston Smith Huston Smith, PhD, author, The World’s Religions, Cleansing the Doors of Perception, The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals, Forgotten Truth: The Primordial Tradition, One Nation Under God: The Triumph of the Native American Church; and many other books
In 2001:
Workshop: Can Entheogenic Mystical Experiences Be Accepted as True?

Stanley Krippner Stanley Krippner, PhD, Director, Center for Consciousness Studies, Saybrook Institute, author, Spiritual Dimensions of Healing: From Tribal Shamanism to Contemporary Health Care, Human Possibilities, Realms of Healing, The Mythic Path and 17 other books, former Director, Dream Laboratory at Maimonides Medical Center
In 2001:
Workshop 1: Spiritual Dimensions of the Ayahuasca Experience
Workshop 2:Shamanism, Dreams and Drugs

Dmitri Spivak Dmitri Spivak, PhD Psycholinguistics, PhD Psychology, PhD Economics, senior researcher, Russian Academy of Science Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Department of Science and Theology, author, Altered States of Mass Consciousness, Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness, Language under Altered States of Consciousness and others
In 2001:
Workshop: Gender-Specific Altered States of Consciousness

Laura Huxley Laura Huxley, PhD, author, This Timeless Moment, describing life with her husband, Aldous Huxley, Fellow, International Academy of Medical Preventics, founder, Children: Our Ultimate Investment
In 2001:
Workshop: One Example of Visionary Common Sense

Steven Halpern Steven Halpern, PhD Music Psychology, composer, recording artist, author, Sound Health, Sound Matters and Sound, Stress and Inner Peace
In 2001:
Workshop: Psycho-Active Sounds: A Multi-Cultural Approach to Altered States of Consciousness

Kay Cordell Whitaker Kay Cordell Whitaker, PhD, author, The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link

In 2001:
Workshop: The Humpty Dumpty Trajectory: Cracking Open Consciousness

Adnan Sarhan Adnan Sarhan, Sufi Master in Naqshabandi, Qadiri, Rafai and Melevi Orders, founder, Sufi Foundation of America, master drummer, Whirling Dervish, dancer, author, Dance Your Way to Spirit
In 2001:
Workshop: Sufi Methods to Alter Consciousness and Put You in the Moment

Metta Zetty Metta Zetty, editor, Awakening Into Awareness: Reflections on Reality and the Experience of Realization
In 2001:
Workshop: The Miracle of Ordinary Awareness
Workshop:Directly Discover Your Natural State

Arthur Deikman Arthur Deikman, author, MD, author, The Observing Self: Mysticism and Psychotherapy, and The Wrong Way Home: Uncovering the Patterns of Cult Behavior and Personal Freedom

In 2001:
Workshop: Service as an Altered State

Belinda Gore Belinda Gore, PhD, author, Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook, Vice President, Cuyamungue Institute
In 2001
Workshop: Ecstatic Body Postures: A Doorway to Non-Ordinary Reality

Tina de Souza Tina de Souza, Ialorixa Brazilian Priestess of Umbanda, clinical psychotherapist, trance medium, healer
In 2001
Workshop: Trance and Altered States of Consciousness

Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), Picuris Pueblo master storyteller, author, Being and Vibration, Tracks of Dancing Light, Ceremonies of the Living Spirit and others
In 2001
Workshop: Being and Vibration

Bruce Eisner Bruce Eisner, author, Ecstasy: The MDMA Story, Founder, Mindware Catalog, editor, Island Views, Founder, The Mind Media Life-Enhancement Network
In 2001
Workshop 1: Workshop: MDMA and Human Nature
Workshop 2: The History and Future of LSD

Luis Eduardo Luna Luis Eduardo Luna, PhD Anthropology, author, Ayahuasca Visions and Vegetalismo: Shamanism among the Mestizo Population of the Amazon
In 2001
Workshop: The Ayahuasca Experience in a Controlled, Non-Shamanic, Non-Religious Setting

Sabrina Mesko Sabrina Mesko, DH, author, Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands, creator, Mudras: Gestures of Power video
In 2001
Workshop: Healing Mudras: Ancient Healing Hand Gestures

ShantiMayi, founder, Terre de Sacha Ashram France, founder, Ganesh Foundation, Mahayana Chan (nondual Buddhism) teacher
In 2001
Workshop: Impermanance, Emptiness and Possibility

Marc Ian Barasch

Marc Ian Barasch, author, The Healing Path, Remarkable Recovery, Healing Dreams, editor, Natural Health, editor, Psychology Today, producer, The Roswell Incident, Dreamers, Disturbance and >Future Visions, composer, musician
In 2001
Workshop: Healing Dreams: A Window into Nonlocal Mind

Hanniah Morgan Hanniah Morgan, Certified Reiki master, breath work teacher

In 2001
Workshop: Breathecstasy: Using Breath and Music to Achieve an Altered State of Consciousness

Matthew Cross Matthew Cross, producer, An Introduction to Resonance Therapy

In 2001
Workshop: The Resonance Effect: Spiritual Technology for Individual, Ecosystem and Planetary Restoration

Dan Moonhawk Alford, PhD, professor of linguistics, California Institute of Integral Studies, originator of "Quantum Linguistics," convener of The Language of Spirituality dialogues originated by the late David Bohm and Leroy Little Bear
In 2001
Workshop: Alternative States of Language and Consciousness

Maboud & Tara Andrea Swierkosz, Mentor Teachers Guild, Dances of Universal Peace
In 2001:
Special Evening Event; The Dances of Universal Peace

Eric Kaufman, certified hypnotherapist, mindfulness and meditation teacher
In 2001:
Morning Activities: Guided Morning Meditation

Ed Katzenburger, minister, Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator
In 2001:
Special Evening Event: Labyrinth; Replica of Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Valerie Gremillion Valerie Gremillion, PhD, neuroscientist, researcher, neurochemistry of attention and consciousness
In 2001
Workshop: Entheogens, Altered States and Evolution of Human Consciousness

Ken Eagle Feather Ken Eagle Feather, author, A Toltec Path, Traveling with Power and Tracking Freedom
In 2001
Workshop: An Energy-Body Approach to Altered States
Workshop: Experiencing an Altered State
In 2002:
Workshop: Bioenergy, Healing and Enlightenment

Jacotte Chollet Jacotte Chollet, founder, Institute for Development and Expansion of Consciousness (France), researcher, multidimensional music and its effects on consciousness
In 2001
Workshop: Experiential Journey into Altered States of Consciousness Induced by Resonance with Multidimensional Music

Prasad Prasad, Satsang teacher

In 2001
Workshop: Come Out of the Closet as God

Cork Kallen Cork Kallen, JD, Certified Master Firewalk Instructor, former personal injury attorney

In 2001
Special Evening Event: The Firewalk Experience
In 2002:
Special Evening Event: The FireWalk Experience

Irene Lamberti Irene Lamberti, DC, producer and host, Aerobic Prayer PBS television series, producer, Dances of the Soul documentary, author, Spirit in Action
In 2001
Workshop: Can Entheogenic Mystical Experiences Be Accepted as True?
Skip Atwater Skip Atwater, Research Director, The Monroe Institute, former Operations and Training Officer, U.S. Military Remote Viewing Program
In 2001
Workshop: Using Induced Focused States for Exploring Spiritual Domains

David Cumes David Cumes, MD, Sangoma Zulu medicine man, author, The Spirit of Healing: Venture into the Wilderness to Rediscover the Healing Force, founder, Inward Bound Healing Journeys travel company
In 2001
Workshop: Peak and Transcendent Experiences in Nature and How to Facilitate Them

Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda)

Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda), comedian, author, Driving Your Own Karma and When You See A Sacred Cow, Milk It For All It’s Worth
In 2001
Workshop: Humor as an Altered State
In 2002:
Humor as an Altered State
Special Evening Event: Wake Up Laughing

Arjuna Nick Ardagh, founder, Living Essence Foundation, author, Relaxing into Clear Seeing and How About Now?
In 2001
Workshop 1: Cocreative Spirituality
Workshop 2: The End of Seeking

Deborah Davis Deborah Davis, LAc, licensed acupuncturist, clinical hypnotherapist, massage therapist, herbalist, ethnobotanist, medical intuitive, qigong instructor, video producer, The Spirit of Qi Gong, editor, Healing Retreats and Spas magazine
In 2001:
Morning Activities: Qi Gong

Russell Targ Russell Targ, former senior research physicist, Stanford Research Institute, coauthor, Mind Race, Mind-Reach, The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World and Miracles of Mind: Exploring Non-local Consciousness and Spiritual Healing
In 2001
Workshop: Remote Viewing, Spiritual Healing and Expanded Awareness

Toni Bergins Toni Bergins, cofounder, DramaWorks Interactive Business Theater, Kripalu DansKinetics instructor
In 2001
Workshop: Awakening Energy Through Movement, Awakening Heart Through Song

Presenters and Presentations from the 2002 Conference:
Hank Wesselman, PhD, research paleoanthropologist, author, Visionseeker, Spiritwalker and Medicinemaker
The Master Game: Awakening The Evolutionary Sleepers
In 2002:
The Sacred Garden
Charles Tart Brooke Medicine Eagle, ceremonial leader, songwriter, descendent of Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph, ecologist, author, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, Dancing Awake the Drum, The Last Ghost Dance and others
In 2002:
Lodge of the Dreamers
Isaac Shapiro, author, It Happens By Itself and Outbreak of Peace, satsang facilitator in Australia, South Africa, Europe and U.S
In 2002:.
Workshop: Truth In Your Own Experience

John Mack, MD, founder, Center for Psychology and Social Change, author, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, Passport to the Cosmos and others, professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
In 2002:
Keynote: Anomalous Experience and the Transformation of Consciousness
Workshop: Anomalous Experience and Self Transformation

John Hagelin John Hagelin, PhD, Director, Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, Natural Law Party candidate for President of the United States of America
In 2002:
Keynote: The Neurophysiology of Consciousness: Scientific Discovery of Higher States of Consciousness

Warren Grossman, PhD Psychology, healer, author, To Be Healed By The Earth

In 2002:
Workshop: Love: The Ultimate Alteration of Consciousness
Workshop: The Earth to Heart Connection: Life from Head to Toe

Gay Luce, PhD, founder, Nine Gates Mystery School

In 2002:
Workshop: Shifting Personal Presence and Consciousness: Using the Magic of a Coherent Energy Field (with Ilona Ireland)

Buryl Payne, PhD, author, Getting There Without Drugs: Theories and Techniques for Altering Consciousness, Love and Sex without Conflict, The Body Magnetic, Magnetic Healing and others, inventor, founder, Psycho Physics Lab
In 2002:
Workshop: Brain Hemispheric Synchronization: A Step Toward Telepathic Training

Ralph Metzner, PhD Psychology, author, The Unfolding Self: Varieties of Transformative Experience
In 2002:
Shamanic Divination and Visionary Experience

Linda Jean Shepherd, PhD Biochemistry, author, Lifting the Veil, The Feminine Face of Science
In 2002:
Workshop: Paying Attention: Cultivating The Skill of Observation

Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD Parapsychology, President, Intuition Network, host, PBS series Thinking Allowed, author, The PK Man, The Roots of Consciousness: Exploration Through History, Science and Experience
In 2002:
Workshop: Mind Over Matter: Psychokinetic Weather Control

Helen Stewart, PhD, President, University of Metaphysical Studies, ESP researcher
In 2002:
Workshop: A Typology of Altered States: From Trauma to Ecstatic Experience (with Don Wismer)

Richard Kimball, PhD Cross-Cultural Psychology, Shaman in Zimbabwe Shona Ng’ganga tradition, Director, Hsi Lai Buddhist Psychology and Counseling Research Center, Shamanism researcher in China, Peru, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, India and Zimbabwe
In 2002:
Workshop: Southern African Shamanism for the 21st Century: What We Can Learn from Our True Heart

Ilona Ireland, Director, Nine Gates Mystery School
In 2002:
Workshop: Shifting Personal Presence and Consciousness: Using the Magic of a Coherent Energy Field (with Gay Luce)

Peter Gorman, ethnopharmacology researcher, botanical specimen collector with the Matses, Irula, Ticuna, Jibaro, Lancandon, Shipibo, Auchino, Bora, Yagua and other tribal cultures, playwright, editor-in-chief, High Times Magazine, writer and adventurer
In 2002:
The Unexpected Healing Power of Ayahuasca

Joyce Hawkes Joyce Hawkes, PhD Biophysics, author, The Nature of Healing, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
In 2002:
Workshop: Bali and Beyond: Navigating Trance States for Healing

Jonathan Robinson, author, Shortcuts to Bliss, The Little Book of Big Questions, Real Wealth and many other books
In 2002:
Shortcuts to Bliss: How to Induce Profound Altered States in Under Twenty Minutes

Deborah Milton, PhD, certified instructor, Ecstatic Body Postures, multimedia artist
In 2002:
Experiencing the Tree of Life Cosmology Through Ecstatic Body Postures (with Carol-Lynne Toleno)

Arjuna Ardagh, founder, Living Essence Foundation, author, Relaxing into Clear Seeing and How About Now?
In 2002:
Workshop: Radical Awakening in the Snap of a Finger
Workshop: Practical Tools for Living in the Finger Snap

Karin Thron, MD, Women’s Health Services, alternative healing modalities and spiritual aspects of healing
In 2002:
Special Sessions: The Joy of Creativity (with Gale Litvak)

Don Wismer, Chairman, University of Metaphysical Studies, former Pastor, pioneer in treatment of Dissociative Disorders
In 2002:
Workshop: A Typology of Altered States: From Trauma to Ecstatic Experience (with Helen Stewart)

Kristin Madden, author, Shamanic Guide to Death and Dying, The Book of Shamanic Healing and others, Director, Ardantane School of Shamanic Arts, tutor, Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, former raptor biologist and environmental chemist, certified hypnotist, deathwalker
In 2002:
Workshop: Spirit Guidance Through Shamanic Journey

Carol-Lynne Toleno, DC, instructor, Ecstatic Trance
In 2002:
Workshop: Experiencing the Tree of Life Cosmology Through Ecstatic Body Postures (with Deborah Milton)

Montserrat Auso, founder, El Sol Institute, leads intensive leadership and transformational workshops around the world
In 2002:
Workshop: Energy and Brain Symmetry

Deborah May, Tai Chi Chih and Seijaku instructor

In 2002:
Morning Session: Tai Chi
Alorah Lavender, Kripalu Yoga instructor, massage therapist

In 2002:
Morning Session: Yoga: Inviting Body Awareness
Gale Litvak, designer, weaver and creative arts teacher
In 2002:
Special Sessions: The Joy of Creativity (with Karin Thron)

Maboud Swierkosz, Dances of Universal Peace instructor

In 2002:
Special Evening Event: Dances of Universal Peace

Margot Anand
Presenters and Presentations from the 2005 Conference:

Margot Anand,
full bio

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, The Path of Sacred Sexuality, Sexual Magic Meditations and many other books.

Keynote: The Yin and Yang of Sexual Energy
Workshop: The Sacred Union of Yin and Yang
In 2001:
Keynote: From Orgasm to Ecstasy: Love is the Gateway to Altered States of Consciousness

Barry & Joyce Vissell
Barry Vissell MD & Joyce Vissell, RN, full bio

Author, The Shared Heart, Models of Love, Risk To Be Healed, The Heart’s Wisdom and Meant To Be
Founders, Shared Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing consciousness to all relationships

Keynote: The Shared Heart

Sexuality, Relationship and Spirituality

Richard Moss

Richard Moss, MD, full bio

Spiritual teacher and visionary thinker inspiring changes of consciousness. Author, The I That is We, How Shall I Live, The Second Miracle and others.

Keynote: Presence Is The Turn-On

Workshop: Where Do We Go When We Are Not Here? The Distance from the Other Is the Distance from Ourselves


Isaac Shapiro

Isaac Shapiro, full bio

Author, It Happens By Itself and Outbreak of Peace, satsang facilitator

Workshop: Embodying Truth

Workshop: Knowing Yourself

Peter Levine

Peter Levine, PhD, full bio

Author, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, and Sexual Healing: Transforming the Sacred Wound
Founder, Foundation for Human Enrichment

Keynote: Sexual Healing: Transforming the Sacred Wound

Workshop: Body-Centered Awareness in Healing of Sexual Trauma

Wilbert Alix

Wilbert Alix, full bio

Contemporary healer, teacher of progressive psychology,
neo-shamanic studies. Prominent in the emerging science
of Body-Centered Psychology. Master Trance Dance facilitator.

In 2004:
Evening Event: TranceDance Ritual
Workshop: Rite of Passage - The 12 Mystical Stages of our Spiritual and Physical Evolution
In 2002:
Special Evening Event: TranceDance: Entering Our Body/Mind Consciousness

Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman. full bio

Author, Soul Retrieval, Welcome Home, A Fall to Grace, Shamanic Journeying, and Medicine for the Earth

Workshop: Experiencing The Shamanic Journey


Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD, PhD, full bio

Author, Coyote Healing: Miracles in Native Medicine, Coyote Medicine: Lessons from Native American Healing and Mind and Matter: Healing Approaches to Chronic Illness

Project coordinator, Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science

Keynote: How Shamans Inspire Us to Transform and Heal

Workshop: Coyote Wisdom Ways for Spiritual Transformation and Miraculous Healing

Onye Onyemaechi

Onye Onyemaechi, MBA, full bio
Nigerian master drummer and dancer, founder, Village Rhythms, recording artist, spiritual advisor, healer
In 2005:
Special Evening Event: The Village Rhythm Experience
Workshop: Dig Deep - Healing the Heart with Divine Love
In 2001:
Workshop: Awakening to the Soul: Spiritual Practices of the Ancient Ministry
In 2002:
Special Evening Event: The Healing Rhythm Experience
Workshop: Spiritual Communications

Brant Secunda

Brant Secunda, full bio

Shaman, healer and ceremonial leader in the Huichol Indian tradition of Mexico.
Director, Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies

Workshop: The Healing Medicine of Huichol Indian Shamanism
Click for full description

Workshop: Earth, Air, Fire and Water - The Healing Elements of Huichol Shamanism

Alberto Villoldo

Alberto Villoldo, PhD, full bio

Founder, The Four Winds Society, medical anthropologist, author Shaman, Healer, Sage; Dance of the Four Winds and Island of the Sun

Keynote: Shamanism and the Soul's Journey

Soul Retrieval: The Soul Mending Way

Stephen Wolinsky
Stephen Wolinsky, PhD, full bio

Founder of Quantum Psychology
Author of fourteen books including Quantum Consciousness, Hearts on Fire, I Am That I Am, Waking from the Trance, You Are Not, Walden III: In Search of a Utopian Nirvana and Nirvana Sutras

Workshop: The Nirvana Sutras and Advaita-Vedanta: Beneath the Illusion of Being

Nicki Scully

Nicki Scully, full bio

Author, Alchemical Healing: A Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine and Power Animal Meditations: Shamanic Journeys with your Spirit Allies

Workshop: Awakening Alchemical Healing

Jenny Wade

Jenny Wade, PhD, full bio

Author, Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil and Changes of Mind: A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness

Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Workshop: Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil

Saniel Bonder

Saniel Bonder, full bio

Pioneer of a practical science of mutual whole-being enlightenment
Author, Waking Down, Beyond Hypermasculine Dharmas; Healing the Spirit/Matter Split; Great Relief: When the Core Wound of Your Existence Becomes Conscious and The Tantra of Trust: Skilled and Superlative Intimate Sexual Partnership for the 21st Century Woman and Man

Workshop: ConNecT! Training Your Body to Drink Deep of the Nectar of Consciousness, All the Time!

Jim Dreaver

Jim Dreaver, DC full bio

Author, The Way of Harmony

Workshop: Why Enlightenment Matters: How Self-Realization Will Bring About the Healing of the World.

Brian Qara

Brian Qara, full bio

A spiritual teacher of the next generation, known for his intense and clear inquiry
Author, The Purpose of Your Life Is You Now

Workshop: A Deeper Surrender: Living Truth in Every Moment

Rainbow Lightning Elk

Rainbow Lightning Elk (Stephanie Wadell), full bio

Fire Woman in Chuluaqui-Quodoushka tradition, sexual surrogate partner, contributor, Women of the Light: The New Sexual Healers, Certified Shamanic Hypnotherapist
Co-Founder / Co-Chief of the 13th Moon Mystey School Kivas

Workshop: Rites of Passage - The Chuluaqui-Quodoshka Metis Cherokee Lineage of Sacred Sexuality: FireWoman, Keeper of Sexual Healing Ways for the Centuries

Ellen Eatough

Ellen Eatough, full bio

Author, Beyond Orgasm: How to Have A More Deeply Connected Sexual Experience
Conducting Scientific Survey on Transcendent Sex

Workshop: How to Open Yourself to Transcendent Sex

Ravindra Kumar

Ravindra Kumar, PhD, full bio

Founder, Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul
Author, Destiny, Science and Spiritual Awakening; Kundalini for Beginners, Kundalini Book of Living and Dying and nineteen other books

Workshop: The Truth of Realization and Symptoms of Awakening

Joe Miguez

Joe Miguez, full bio

Artist, Labyrinth Builder, Facilitator, Teacher, Change Agent and Author
Nationally known as The Labyrinth Man

Evening Event: The Labyrinth Experience - A Walking Mediation

Greg Tamblyn

Greg Tamblyn, full bio

Musician, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Shootout at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral and others

Evening Events: Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Sita Jamison

Sita Jamison, full bio

Musician, Singer, Recording Artist, Presence: Chants of Sacred Power, Sita has performed with Krishna Das, Ram Das and Baghavan Das

Morning Classes: Sound Healing and Chanting

Gail Ackerman

Gail Ackerman, full bio

Instructor, Iyengar Hatha Yoga
Director, White Iris Yoga Studio

Morning Classes: Yoga

Maboud and Tara Andrea Swierkosz

Maboud and Tara Andrea Swierkosz, full bio

Instructors, Dances of Universal Peace
In 2005:
Event: Dances of Universal Peace
In 2002:
Special Evening Event: Dances of Universal Peace

Deborah Taj Anapol

Deborah Taj Anapol, PhD, full bio

PhD Clinical Psychology, author Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits, producer Pelvic-Heart Integration videos

Workshop: Why Sex is Sacred

Juliana Dahl

Juliana Dahl, PhD, full bio

PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, author The Journey of a Sexual Healer, video producer Evocation of the Female Ejaculate, certified Dakini (sexual healer)

Workshop: Sourcing the Female Ejaculate: Journey from Trauma to Ecstatic Bliss

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