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About The Message Company

...founded in 1994 with a mission to disseminate cutting-edge consciousness - expanding information.

A world leader in producing inspirational, experiential and life altering conferences with exceptional quality. An independent multimedia publishing company embracing all traditions: presenting eminent authors, visionary researchers and pioneer thinkers in the greatest quest of our time:

Exploring Consciousness It-Self !

Our mission is:

To have fun and prosper
while fostering the exploration
and expression of consciousness.

We do this in the following ways:

  1. Producing The International Conference on Science and Consciousness, an event where we can explore and experience the space between the ordinary world and that unseen realm which science is continuously “discovering” and quantifying. We welcome people to come and explore their belief systems, and expand their personal awareness.

  2. Producing The International Conference on Shamanism. The general focus is on objectively exploring and verifying the subjective, experiential dimensions of consciousness via ancient, traditional and modern shamanistic practices and techniques.

  3. Producing The International Conference on Sacred Sexuality. The general focus is on the integration of sex and spirit, lifting relationships to new levels of intimacy and pleasure, opening the door to sexual healing and mindful lovemaking and turning making love into a spiritual and devotional practice.

  4. Producing The International Conference on Sound Healing. The focus is on bringing together the leading-edge researchers, practitioners, scientists, composers, musicians and recording artists in the fields of sound healing, vibrational medicine, music therapy and body/mind/brain/spirit research, to share both ancient and modern practices of sound and vibrational healing.

  5. Producing The Marketing BootCamp for Artists and Craftspeople

  6. As you can imagine, these conferences are gatherings of incredible people from all over the world, where as much can happen outside of the formal sessions as during them. Because a common ground has already been established, people are able to connect at a deeper level. These conferences are an example of the remarkable opportunities that open up when people engage with both their heart and their mind.

  7. Offering The Visionary DVD Club - "The Thinking Person's DVD Club." Members receive 3 presentations each month on DVD for just $20 and get to keep all DVDs received.

  8. Media production (DVDs, CDs, video and audio tapes) - eventually becoming the world's largest producer of programs on cutting edge, mind-expanding subjects. Over 1,400 programs with some of the world's leading-edge thinkers, researchers, explorers and visionaries are now accessible at our Visionary Audio Video website.

  9. Offering Business Training Central. The focus is on offering visionary insights and strategies from industry pioneers and innovators, and to facilitate organizational excellence with effective, easy-to-use and affordable business training resources.

  10. We also publish

    Business Spirit Journal Online:
    Bringing Consciousness to Business.

    BSJ offers information, inspiration and resources for those wanting to broaden the definition of “bottom line” to also include our spirit. We spend more of our waking hours at work than we do in any other part of our lives, yet studies show that most people are dissatisfied with their jobs. What we all would like is to be able to put our heart into our job. If we can find ways to do this, it will make a huge difference -- from our personal satisfaction in life to the sustainability of the planet.

  11. The Message Company Publishing Division - Publishing and distributing paperback and hardcover books - many available from no one else on the planet. Subjects covered include Science, Business, Legal, Money, Real Estate, Travel, Home and Garden, and Reference Books.

Our Values and Code of Conduct

Milestones: a short history of The Message Company


            James Berry - Founder of the Message Company



Visionary DVD Club - The thinking person's DVD club

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DVDs, CDs, Audio and Video Tapes

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Business Spirit Journal
Bringing Consciousness to Business

Business Training Central
Cutting-Edge Business Training and Self-Study Resources

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4 Camino Azul
Santa Fe, NM 87508 USA
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