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Joel Andrews
Joel Andrews

Joel Andrews

After a 30 year career as a professional harpist, playing symphony, ballet, chamber music, opera and jazz, Joel made the life changing decision that he’d rather play for ‘one person’ if it could be for deep healing rather than for entertaining 5,000 people. Spirit Beings came to him to train his clairaudience in hearing the music of higher planes. After many concerts and workshops, and 3,500 individual sessions, he has an amazing record of successful healings. His book, A Harp Full of Stars, features many of these unusual and miraculous cases. His CD, Gloria for Gaia, embodies healing for our planet.

Workshop: Advanced Music Healing
Sunday, November 16 - 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

In this experiential workshop, you use personal imagery (inspired by Joel’s harp music) to co-create with angels and masters in spirit. You are then guided in applying the symbolism to your life’s challenges. These messages from your higher guidance often illuminate the next step on your spiritual path.

Goal: To deeply experience transformative and uplifting music.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn a new and effective technique for accessing healing through higher guidance and responsive imagery,
  • To employ deeper symbolism for imagery which can be applied to illuminate one’s life path, and
  • To develop a closer rapport with the sources of one’s personal inner guidance.

Register me for the 2008 Sound Healing Conference

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