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Donna Carey
Donna Carey

Donna Carey, PhD, LAc

Donna is cocreator of the Acutonics System and cofounder of Kairos Institute of Sound Healing and The International Institute of Harmonic Living. She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, sound healer, and educator. She was Clinical Dean of the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine where she created and administered more than 14 profitable inter-disciplinary community clinics and integrated the Acutonics Healing System into mainstream clinical settings.

A leader in the discovery, development and application of new healing technologies, Donna was awakened to the power of sound after a near death experience where she heard the Music of the Spheres. She has been in practice for nearly two decades, creatively integrating sound and energy medicine into her clinical work, teaching and writing.  Donna is coauthor of Acutonics Planets: From Galaxies to Cells and Acutonics: There’s No Place Like Ohm, Sound Healing and Oriental Medicine and the Cosmic Mysteries.

Workshop: Acutonics: Frequency and Physiology: The Healing Power of Sound
Saturday, November 15 - 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

In every atom of our organic being we find a vibration, a blueprint, a resonant frequency that connects us at all levels to the greater Universe. As within, so without. By working with energetics and frequency of the planets, whose universal archetypes, myths, and correspondences provide us with physiological and psychological depth, we are able to fine-tune the therapeutic sound frequencies that are applied to the body. In this program you will explore sound frequency and its relationship to human physiology, blocked matrices, and new scientific data that provide a powerful case for the integration of sound healing practices into the therapeutic environment.

Goal: To provide an understanding of a non-invasive, innovative care model that is being integrated into a wide variety of clinical practices, including acupuncture, massage and bodywork, and energy medicine practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • To explore and learn the principals and specific techniques of a sound healing methodology rooted in Oriental Medicine and Cosmic Music Theory,
  • To learn a new technique for a non-invasive, highly effective holistic modality that can be integrated into a wide variety of practice environments, and
  • To develop a deeper understanding of sound healing and its direct relationship to Oriental Medicine with a basic knowledge of planetary tuning forks and their medical correspondences.

Register me for the 2008 Sound Healing Conference

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