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Ashley and Lydia Rowan

Lydia and Ashley Rowan are co-founders of Affinity Tao Living Foundation and Awakening BodyMindSpirit Holistic Healing. They met in Moscow, Russia at  'International Unity in Yoga,' they married eight months later in Moscow.

  Lydia, while past Professor of Psychology at Moscow State University, began core study groups in Theosophy and esoteric knowledge. She teaches qi-gong, and yoga and has studied with Dr. Xue Shu Wang, Mantak Chia in Thailand, Xue Ming Tang in China and the Dalai Lama. Lydia travels to sacred places of power as a devoted pilgrim and curious scientist.  She and Ashley invite students for
transformative workshops, such as 'Awakening the Inner Healer',  sharing insights on connectedness, inner peace and how to be an acupuncture needle of the Earth. 

Ashley has studied a variety of techniques in yoga, including the polar opposites of Iyengar and Angela Farmer.  He produced the CD Affinity Yoga: A Feeling for All of Life.  Ashley and Lydia have a forthcoming book on the diversity of yoga in the soon to come 'Age of Awe.'

Morning Classes: Affinity Yoga
Saturday, March 28 through Wednesday, April 1 - 6:45 am to 7:30 am

An exhilarating and joyful exploration integrating philosophical and practical forms of yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, Kriya, Vinyassa, Acu-Yoga, Raja, Pranayama), Qi Gong (Daoist, Zhong Yuan, Dao-Yin, 5 Animal Play) and Tai Qi.

We’ll use different forms of meditation, image therapy, breath work, chants, mantras, movements, stretches, asanas, dance and mudras. Each of the 5 classes (complete unto themselves) is devoted to a specific organ in the body. Attending all 5 classes gives you the total experience available, enriching your knowledge, appreciation and benefits of yoga practice.

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