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Additional Comments From our Attendees

I am going to look at my work/designs differently — in terms of possibilities for licensing. The Marketing Conference made it seem less scary or intimidating by breaking it down into doable steps.

— Regina Alexandra, artist
Regina Alexandra Design
Phoenix, Arizona

I am thrilled with the level of information, sharing, and support the instructors gave us.

— Wendy Bialek, weaver
Wendy the Weaver
Sedona, Arizona

This Bootcamp planted the seed for me to make a practice of looking past the obvious in my marketing.

— Steve Chaparro, glass and wood artist
Sea Sprite Design
Santa Barbara, California

I realized that going where the money is — is also where my passion is.

— Judy Cottone, potter, sculpture carver
Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This conference was awesome!!

— Veronica Escudero

The Marketing Conference provided abundant information — both practical and inspirational. I’m going home enthusiastic and empowered — ready ‘to set my world on fire.’

— Lila Fritschen
Artisan’s Alley
Hutchinson, Kansas

Marketing sounds more like an adventure now. You’ve offered me a ton of information. I plan to increase my income streams, create more profit from my website, become an ‘expert,’ and license some of my designs.

— Valery Guignon, artist
Guignon Designs
Dallas, Texas

The sessions with Michael Woodward opened up new possibilities that I have wanted to know about for years. I expect to double or triple my income. Thank you!

— Anna Hansen, photography, graphic design
Dakini Design
Santa Fe, NM

An absolutely awesome experience. The changes I will make in my business will be dramatic. I’m a student, but I am well aware that the information I received from the speakers will help me in putting together the best plan resulting in a successful business.

— Kevin Kram, photographer
Santa Barbara, California

There was so much useful ‘nuts and bolts’ information. I now know that I’ve never made a living as an artist before, because I didn’t believe it was a possibility for me.

— Setsuko Nagatoshi, oil painter
Los Angeles, California

I am going to adjust my prices according to the formula James Dillehay suggests. And as Andrea Adler points out, ‘By harnessing the essence of my creativity as a marketing tool, I will naturally promote, market and increase my sales.’ I expect my profit to double in 2004.

— Victoria Shrewsbury, potter
Scottsdale, Arizona

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