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Presentation Descriptions

Creating a Vision for Your Business

— James Dillehay —

Discover how to craft a marketing vision for yourself that gives you wings. Develop a step-by-step action plan that propels you to your goals. Learn the steps to take to create an irresistible professional image. Stay focused on your dreams even when family and friends tell you you're nuts. Identify your unique, natural strengths. Capitalize on your weak areas. Get inspired with true stories of how other craftspersons have made fortunes from their work. Overcome fears of selling. Learn how to sell your pieces without selling your soul. Maintain balance as your business grows.

Running A Cottage Industry: Everything You Need To Know

— Bernard Kamoroff —

Craftspeople and artists are running their own businesses--whether they want to admit it or not. This packed workshop will explain what the "business end" of your business requires: Legal structure. Do you need to incorporate? Permits and licenses. What insurance do you really need? Choosing and protecting your business name. Business bank accounts. Bookkeeping made easy (really). Accepting credit cards. Sales tax and resale licenses. Income tax basics. Tax laws and zoning laws for home businesses. And bring your own business problems: we’ll have a question and answer period at the end.

Guerrilla Marketing

— Jay Levinson —

You will learn:
• the real meaning of marketing
• how guerrilla marketing differs from traditional marketing
• the weapons of guerrilla marketing
• the personality characteristcs of successful guerrillas
• the secrets of guerrilla marketing
• the truth about marketing online
• the ten steps to succeed at a guerrilla marketing attack
• saving money with guerrilla marketing
• important questions and important answers
• how you can benefit from the guerrilla marketing network

Pricing for Maximum Profits, Increasing Perceived Value Through Packaging, Selling at Fairs

— James Dillehay and Bernard Kamoroff —

Get formulas for pricing retail and wholesale. Learn how to know if you are making a profit or just breaking even. Discover how to create a cash-flow statement and never run out of money again! Learn how to increase your prices by building perceived value with packaging and promotional materials. Develop hangtags, business cards, brochures, and catalogs that increase your sales. Get a checklist of 50 ways to stand out and make more money from craft shows. Learn where to find the best-selling fairs for your craft and how to get accepted.

The Organized Artist: Everything You Need To Know for the Best Presentaion: Reproduction Rights —- How to manage and maximize these valuable assets.

— Michael Woodward —

It is essential to first understand the basics of copyright and copyright registration procedures. This information will be beneficial should an infringement occur. Being well organized is essential if you wish to license your work effectively — you will learn tips on record keeping and having your work scanned or photographed economically. Presenting your work to potential licensees is the key to opening the doors to licensing opportunities — you will learn how to produce a good presentation — one which publishers will look at.
This seminar will equip you with the essential basic tools to ensure you are well organized and ready to license your work effectively.

The Spiritual, Universal and Practical Laws of Creating Abundance

— Andrea Adler —

This presentation empowers artists to understand PR and Marketing as an art form. By embodying this, artists begin to promote themselves in a way that resonates with their own integrity. In a lighthearted and creative way, the mystique and challenge of building and sustaining a business is revealed. With fearlessness, artists learn to create strategic alliances, charge for their services without guilt and experience selling as divine practice. From the practical skill of developing one’s “sound bite” — a clear, confident statement that explains to others what you do — to the creation of stimulating marketing materials, this presentation is designed to give artists the tools they need to create a successful and abundant business and life.

Creating Multiple Income Streams

— James Dillehay —

Learn how to turn your craft skills into many sources of revenue. Discover how to teach others about your craft while getting paid and growing your name as a brand. Learn the tricks to becoming a craft supplier, sell to others and cut your own production costs. Explore the opportunities of publishing reproductions, pattern books, calendars, and posters. Get a blueprint for weaving all of your income streams together to make them work for you. Establish your professional image with interior designers. Get a list of 20 overlooked markets for crafts.

The Self-Publishing Artist

— Michael Woodward —

Reproduction Rights —- How to manage and maximize these valuable assets.
The introduction of Digital Printing in recent years has given the individual Artist the opportunity to take more control over their incomes and careers. This seminar will introduce you to several ways you can increase your income and exposure by producing limited edition giclees as well as postcards, greetings cards and other products. The digital revolution gives the Artist opportunities to enter areas of the industry which were impossible until a few years ago. You will learn how to harness this new technology and use it to build a stronger business without carrying inventory and spending huge sums on printing.

The Way of the Guerrilla and More Tips from the Guerilla Marketing Guru

— Jay Levinson —

Continued from Saturday morning.

Art and Design Licensing

— Michael Woodward —

Licensing is now a $175 billion industry and Art and Design licensing accounts for a healthy portion. Artist Brands have become big business with artists like Debbie Mumm, Thomas Kinkade and Ann Geddes creating huge licensing programs worth millions of dollars in revenue. Everything starts from a small beginning and Michael will help you understand the principles of how a licensing program is created. You also will learn how to look at what sells and how you can improve what you produce so publishers take more notice of your work. Learn about products you may never have thought about, how to approach clients, trade shows to attend and much more. This seminar will change the way you look at your work and help you create art that sells.

Basic Selling On the Internet and Harnessing Traffic

— James Dillehay —

Learn what basic equipment and software you need to sell online. Learn how to get start-up skills for using computers and the Internet. Get over techno phobia. Find out how to choose a domain name. Get tips for creating a fast loading, user-friendly web site. Learn how to capture email addresses from your visitors even when they don't buy. Find out how to take orders online and work with shopping carts. Learn how to get a credit card merchant account. Find out how to use links to build your site's popularity.

(Advanced Internet Marketing)
Pay-per-Clicks: Fast & Effective for Targeted Prospects

— Forrist Lytehaause —

Getting listed in the first page or two on the major search engines is a major key to getting the traffic you need to your website. The problem is, all your competitors want the same thing. Enter the Pay Per Click vendors. Companies like Overture, Google, FindWhat, and Kanoodle. Through these companies (and more) you can begin having targeted traffic to your website within a few days, and in many cases for as little as a few cents per visitor! This method is by far the safest, most cost effective way to get prospects to your website. Learn the Inside Secrets. Discover how to keep your costs down, and your results up!

Harnessing Traffic and More Ways To Promote Online

— James Dillehay —

Discover how to choose the best keywords to describe your craft. Learn where to look to find which keywords and phrases people search for everyday. Get successful strategies for ranking high in the search engines. Learn if, when, and how to use pay-per-click search engines. Learn how to promote effectively using discussion lists. Learn how to sell through online auctions. Boost your site profits with affiliate programs. Get a sample, step-by-step marketing plan for selling online. Discover how and why you should track and measure your visitors and sales.

Advanced Internet Marketing Secrets of Achieving Maximum Traffic: Proven Methods that Produce Consistent Results

— Forrist Lytehaause —

Internet Copyright & Legal Issues

— Bernard Kamoroff —

Copyright law on the Internet is the same as in the physical world, but the Internet makes it too easy to"borrow" copyrighted work without permission. This workshop will cover several simple, but very useful steps to protect your work on the Internet. We'll cover the basics of copyright law, how to file for a copyright, copyright protection (both on and off the Net), the confusing Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the differences and inter-relationships of copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Accessing Free Raw Materials for Your Business

— James Berry —

James shares the principles of how to get free raw materials for your manufacturing or crafts business. He also gives you many examples of exactly how he did this in a company he started and later sold. He tells you about the Master Sources from which you will be able to access thousands of free raw materials to use in your business.
This will not be a theoretical discussion. He shows you how he was able to access free materials to use as substitutes for raw materials that, in many cases, had been costing tens of thousands of dollars each year. The total amount of free raw materials accessed was worth over a million dollars. In some cases, James even created new products for his company to sell just to use certain free materials that were available.
The raw materials that we are talking about, and that you will soon know how to access, are not just one-time deals. There are instances when something will be available only on a one shot basis, but the vast majority of these materials are available on an on-going basis. In most cases, availability is the least of your worries when using this system.

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