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The International Conference on
Business and Consciousness
The Future of Business

Comments From Participants of Past Conferences:

"Thank you for putting on such a wonderful conference. It was an experience that will impact the rest of my life. I surely hope to attend future ones."
Patricia Mundt, Georgia State University

“The International Conference on Business and Consciousness is the right idea at the right time.”
- Fast Company Magazine

"Thank you for inviting me to your conference. I had a wonderful time and learned a lot!"
Gun Denhart, founder and Chair, Hanna Andersson Corporation

"I just wanted to tell you what a great conference experience I had. It was an incredible blend of people and place, and I had some truly breakthrough experiences."
Joyce Wycoff, founder, Innovation Network

"Totally, totally incredible! Everything I needed at this time was here at this conference."
Jack Hayes, Nation’s Restaurant News

"I have returned safely home to Durban, South Africa. I felt very privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of this gathering. It provided a very suitable blend of input, discussion and time for interacting between participants."
Michael Randel

"Thank you for having me at your conference. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life."
Toni Bergins, DramaWorks Interactive Business Theater

"Thank you so much. I was so inspired by the speakers and events that I came home with an entirely new outline for my next book."
Patricia Aburdene, Megatrends

"I wanted to thank you for putting on a superb event in Acapulco. I have come home with mountains of ideas and energy."
Hugh Culver, Marathon Communications

"Wonderful conference! I am so enthusiastic that I just faxed in my registration for next year. I got the inspiration for my new calling and mission while at the conference. Thanks again for a truly memorable experience."
Robert Jones

"As an engineer, I have attended many conferences. Boring as a general rulebut this conference was ‘Electric.’ I was high the whole time I was there...high on people, surroundings & content!!"
Eve Strella, President, Industrial Engineering, The XLR8 Team

"The Business and Consciousness conference was a fabulous opportunity for me to spend a joyous week with many spiritually ‘lit’ people, participants as well as presenters, who are also practical and pragmatic business leaders. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose, an increased feeling of optimism, and a greatly expanded personal network of dynamic cocreators."
Bill Van Arsdale, multimedia producer

"Thank you for putting together one of the most sophisticated, intelligent, inspiring and grounded conferences I’ve ever attended. This is definitely my all time favorite conference and I will be back next year!"
Kathryn Hall

"How can I express my deep gratitude for being included in this very special event? It feels as though I’ve been given so much more than I contributed. It truly has been a gift to me."
Richard Barrett, The World Bank

"I’ve been to several conferences of this type and this was by far the best. I wish I’d been on your mailing list last year."
Kay Gilley, Intentional Leadership Systems

"I loved being with like souls whose mission and passion it is to help people and organizations live and lead from their souls. Well organized—seamless! Absolutely fantastic!"
Colleen Cooper, New Perspectives Group

"I want you to know how truly grateful I am. Congratulations! I was truly impressed by the array of inspiring presenters from all over the planet and by the thinking that included sacred dance, music and play."
Connie Clark, Shenoa Retreat and Learning Center

"Many thanks for your wonderful conference in Mexico. It provided a glorious opportunity to explore and grow. The memories and the knowledge linger with me and have become part of me. I’m sure many of the ideas will take root and grow here."
Pete Mahony

"Thank you for a wonderful conference in Mexico. It felt like a vitamin shot must feel like and the only problem has been that of getting the feet back on the ground."
Kristen Envig (Italy)

"This is a gathering of angels. Let them know."

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the International Conference on Business and Consciousness. It was a fascinating experience. I was deeply impressed with the broad spectrum addressed — everything from the reasonably esoteric to the practicality of the new accounting systems that include more of the wholeness of life."
Paula Underwood, The Learning Way Company

"The distinction between a good conference and others is whether it keeps an open mind to the entire subject, stays humble about solutions and improvements, is grounded in real life experience, involves diverse perspectives, and vigilantly prevents the program from being dominated by any one voice or personality. All of these things were accomplished at your conference."
Robert Fitzpatrick, author of False Profits

"Thank you for bringing all of usspeakers, participants, staff together in Mexico for an uplifting week. Nancy and I were entertained, informed and inspired. Having given several conferences in different parts of the world ourselves, we know the effort that goes into them. Although (as you said) you let this one unfold spiritually, it still is an accomplishment of which you can be proud. You have our deep appreciation."
Michael Shays, President, EMS Network

"As you’ve probably heard from many other people it was a truly wonderful conference. Everybody we talked to said that the spirit at this conference seemed exceptional. My wife and I felt that the week was incredibly meaningful on a number of levels: new friendships, professionally inspiring, and spiritually uplifting. The conference was fundamentally transforming. You all did a great job in sending the message that business and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Towards the end of the week, I began to ask others if they were intending to return next yeareverybody I met said they wanted to come again next year. That is quite a compliment to your efforts."
Lawrence Stern, People Places

"As a business person, I was very comfortable with the ‘groundedness’ of both attendees and speakers. Yet, as a student of spirituality, I was pleased with the depth of commitment to spiritual issues. Perfect blend."
Richard Germain

"There really aren't the right words to describe what happened to me during that week. It was a huge transformational breakthrough for me. I believe it was the single most powerful experience I've had in my whole life and I don't say that lightly. I came into a knowingness that I have a ‘calling’ to be a business leader and to go back into the business world and share my enthusiasm with others regarding what we can do to make a difference. I was extremely energized at the conference. Normally meetings wear me down, but I just got more stimulated as the week went on."
Robert Jones

"Thank you for the conference in Mexico. It exceeded my expectations! I honestly signed up because the location, timing and general topic sounded interesting. I expected it to be ‘flakier’. Instead, I found it very thoughtful, grounded and right on target with the major issues that are facing my company and our society. My wife and I agreed that the conference themes are the important ones for the rest of our lives."
Rodney Plimpton, Senior VP Human Resources, American Electric Power

"I wasn't 24 hours outside of Mexico when waves of longing for the sound of ocean waves attacked my body. What a heavenly setting. I especially appreciated how organized and smooth your conference ran and send you multiple thanks and appreciations. Really well done. This comes from a past conference organizer."
Joan Shafer

"Thank you to all of you for your inspiration, love and help. I go back to work on Monday with the tools to grow my company to a national leader co-creating with God."
Valerie Yersh, Director of Business Development, NetRunner

"Although I enrolled enthusiastically hoping to meet others who were intent on pushing the evolution of our organizations toward their collective human best, I found more than that. The community and environment you created provided a synergistic laboratory where I was transformed and rejuvenated. And it was that new energy that propelled me to the next step in my journey both personally and within the organizations that I call ‘home’. Thank you. (Did you plan it this way, or is this another magical thing that ‘just happens’ when all the ingredients are present?)"
Denise Caruzzi, Vice President Human Resources, California Casualty

"I don’t recall ever attending a conference that was as enthusiastic and energetic and celebratory as this. It was explosive!"
Larry Maniscalco, Executive Director Communication, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

"The attendees were open, authentic and fun to be within general, people wanted to meet new people and learn about them. This is a first time experience in my over 25 years of attending conferences."
Kathy Malloch

"It was an exciting spirit-filled week as we attended conference sessions, met people with similar concerns from the far corners of the earth, shared stories, experienced synchronicity upon synchronicity and celebrated life and being together in many wonder-filled ways."
Kathleen Joyce, Institute of Cultural Affairs

"I am convinced that the theme of this conference is as important for people working on development issues in Africa as it is to any other global citizen. The opportunity to listen, discuss, explore, and share with people from a range of countries has deepened my sense that these are important questions for all of us, all over the world."
Michael Randel (South Africa)

"I have been trying to integrate the skills required in business with humanity, integrity and awareness of the spirit within each one of us. This conference gave me the confidence to know that this is possible."
Candida Fridman (UK)

"This conference stands out as one of the highlights of my professional year. I look forward with great anticipation to meeting in Acapulco at the end of this year."
Ric Giardina

"Thank you for this year’s very inspiring and rewarding conference. Content and atmosphere were so motivating and uplifting. New insights to wake up with every morning and go to bed with every evening. That truly is magic and a gift."
Helen Eriksen, Beyond (Denmark)

"A ground breaking conferenceboth inspiring and useful."
Martin Rutte, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

"I was both touched and inspired by the deep heart connections."
Barbara Hamilton, Kaleidoscope International

"Thank you for a great conference! I loved the ‘working vacation’ very much."
James Harper

"I want to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the conference again this year. I am honored and blessed to work and play amongst the beauty that exists in what you’ve brought together."
Kristi Seibold

"Thanks for a great conference! Frankly, it couldn’t have been better. We’re feeling rejuvenated and inspired"?
Pam Barrett, Sweetgrass Consulting Resources

"I can but only echo the feeling of excitement to have been at the groundbreaking conference in which history was made and look forward to next year."
David Gray

"Once again, I want to thank you for your efforts putting together such a fantastic conference. I had a great experience and learned a lotbut more than anything, the connections that I made are priceless."
Sylvia Padelford (Mexico)

"Participating in the conferences in Mexico the past 3 years has had a profound and enriching effect on my life both personally and professionally. I truly look forward to this week of vocational bliss. At first I had to plead with my family to let me go for one whole week and now they send me with blessings, awaiting the positive and renewed energy upon my return."
Dove Govrin, instructor, Kaiser Permanente

"The 1998 Business and Consciousness conference was joyous for me. The speakers were diverse and special human beings and accessible to all. The week long format is a luxury I wish I had more of in my life. I figure that I had at least five meals that lasted more than 3 hours. I usually take 3 hours to eat in a week. Vision and commitment are the keystone to this work. Thank you for holding the vision."
Erik Muten

“I want to thank you for inviting me to your conference.  I had a great time.  Congratulations on a great event!!”- - Jessica Garza

 “I attended our Business and Consciousness Conference and was impressed with not only the speakers and the topics but with the coordination of the event.  It must have been a huge undertaking to organize this conference and keep it moving on schedule, but you did it! This was one of the best run conferences that I’ve attended.”
- Deb Harris 

“I want to tell you that I cannot find the right words to THANK you for what you do, to thank you for being the channel that God uses to get to many people that are looking exactly for what the conference, the presenters, the attendees have to bring as THE MESSAGE that we are waiting for, as that flow of creating energy we need to be involved with.”
- Sylvia Padelford 

“You deserve much credit for conceiving and putting on such a fine conference.  I am still feeling the benefits I received and enjoying the people I met there.  I want to thank you for the context you created to make all this possible. Thanks for what you are contributing to the lives of so many of us.”
- Susan Campbell 

“One of my partners returned from the conference and raved about it. About five other colleagues of mine attended and they all raved in concert.  Congratulations on producing another important, classy, and enlightening event.”
- Eric Ekin 

“It was quite a week. I brought home wonderful memories and a glowing tan.”
- Dan Millman 

“I would like to thank you again for your kind invitation to address the Acapulco conference on Business and Consciousness last month.  It was a superbly organized event, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves profoundly. Thank you for the terrific work you do.”
- John Hagelin 

“I will recommend this conference to acquaintances. What I liked most about the conference was the stimulating content in a relaxing, non-pressured environment where people were left to be self-responsible, where magical, unplanned meetings and conversations could take place, and where herbal tea was available. I had a wonder time. I wish it were twice a year.”
- David Firth 

“Thank you for a most wonderful conference.  It was/is a real joy to be a part of your individual and collective genius. Laughter and love.”
- Matthew Cross 

“The International Conference on Business and Consciousness, the grandfather of them all, attracts top-level executives and managers from global giants such as GTE, Ford, 3Com, Aetna, AT&T, Boeing, British Airways, Hallmark, Disney and others.”
- Bob Calandra, Human Resource Executive Magazine

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